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Motors dont work even with new batteries

I cannot grt the motors to work on my 78-8831. I even tried new batteries. Is there a fuse?

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Motors dont work even with new batteries

I had the same problem. I removed the motor and drive assembly and used a pair of pilers to gently rotate the drive gear a few times in both directions. I re-installed it and it began to work again. I also noticed that the grease on the drive gear and shaft was very thick. Cleaned and up and re-applied a lithium based grease and it helped even more. Be sure to remove all old grease from the aluminium block that the drive gear shaft rest in. Good luck.
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I just purchased a northstar, goto telescope, model 78-8876. I purchased it second hand. When I try to turn on the power on, I have to keep the power button pressed down to have power, I let go, the power go's out. But even while I have the button pressed, I can't get the telescope to respond, or move. The remote will be lit up, and I can go through the set up, but its as if the telescope itself doesn't get power. Keeping in mind, I'm doing this with the power button manually pressed in all the time. I do have a new energizer battery in the unit..... Any suggestions? Thanks.....

Obviously either your hand controller is broken and or a circuit inside the scope.Here is Bushnell's repair web site:
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Hello, I have Bushnell Northstar 78-8831 telescope which I got from United States (New York) last year. Since the very first day, I am not able to get the option of "Align Start 1" After selecting Align Earth option, it directly goes to "Align start2". As a result, I am not able to align the planetary positions and manually align the telescope everytime. Can you please advise? Regards, Gaurav

This can be caused by many things-- such as dirt or grease on the encoders inside or a slipping clutch. I know you just bought this telescope, but Bushnell is NOT KNOWN for having quality telescopes.To get the goto to work everything must be according to the manual.The tripod needs to be perfectly level-- time, date, and site must be accurate, and the alignment objects must each be centered in the eyepiece. Sounds like you also have electronic issues with the hand controller. Only Bushnell can repair this scope.
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GoTo Problem Please Help... im and going crazy!!! I have a Celestron Nextstar SLT 130 GoTo scope and love the pictures it produces but cant get it to GoTo very well. It dose the three star alignment, 1 star alignment and solar alignment fine and have no problems with alignment, level the scope well and set the time to nearly the second. Once aligned and i start to move the scope around the night sky, if i try to ask the socpe to slew back to a star, even an alignment satr, it goes in the general direction but doesn't bring the star into the view field and is off by a significant amount. I have tried centering the star in the view and then asking the scope to find that star and it goes out of the view by the same amount every time. Im goging crazy. I thought it was a motor problem and swaped the scope at the store but the new one is exactly the same. I just dont know what is wrong. Im in the southern skies and only reviews is for the northern, dont know if this matters. Any help would be fantastic. Just cant get it to slew to any objests correctly!

Be sure that the telescope is configured for EQ SOUTH mode to tell it is in the southern hemisphere. Once a star alignment is completed NEVER manually move the telescope. Use only the control panel to slew. Everytime the telescope is move by hand, the motors do not know it has been done, and assume it is still pointing at the old direction. Check the manual for setup.Here:
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Autostar I recently purchased a used ETX-125EC. There is only one problem. The autostar screen does not show or do anything. The batteries are installed correctly, the controller is plugged into the correct port and the power light turns on on the telescope base. There is even a faint red light from the auto star screen. Does this mean I need a new controller or is there something more dubious at work here?

Double check the cable from the Autostar to the telescope. Sometimes the ends go bad. They can be replaced with regular telephone cables.
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Autostar 497 freezes

When warm and indoors (!) connect Autostar to scope and by serial lead to a PC, allow Meade Autostar suite to update the Autostar Firmware to the latest version (2009!!) Frome : How To Upgrade Your HandboxTo upgrade your Autostar first click on the link below to download the Autostar Update (ASU) Client Application for Windows. If your web browser allows you to open the installation file, you may choose that option when prompted. Otherwise, just save the install file to your local hard disk drive. When downloading is complete, double click on the saved file to start the installation. Follow the instructions provided to install Autostar Update (ASU) on your machine. When installation is complete, start ASU by selecting "Start Menu" -> "Programs" -> "Meade Inst" -> "ASU". If you have an active Internet connection and your telescope with Autostar is connected using the appropriate cable as listed above, ASU will detect and install the correct Autostar code directly from Meade's web site via the "Upgrade Autostar Software Now" button. Autostar UpdateAutostar Update is an application that functions to transfer the event files and software updates from your computer, through the serial port, USB or Connector Cable Set depending on your telescope model. The Autostar Update application is available as a stand-alone client application for Windows. The most recent versions of AutoStar Update automatically check for the newest versions of the AutoStar Updater and download it if necessary. It is critical that you use the most recent AutoStar Updater to ensure that you get the proper software updates for your system. 06/02/09 Autostar Update (ASU) Client Application for Windows, Version 5.6 (1,654 KB). This is the latest Autostar Update. Rev. 5.6 is compatible with the ETX-LS and #497EP Hand Controllers. This version is compatible with all versions of AutoStar II and #497 AutoStar computer controllers. This installation will automatically update the Update Client Application in AutoStar Suite™ Software. If you have previously installed the Autostar Update (ASU) Client Application for Windows, Uninstall the old version before installing this new version. 07/27/09 #497 AutoStar hand controller software update. Version 5BE2 (1,039 KB). General update. Fixes many known bugs. Real time clock corrections. LXD75 polar alignment. Various LX90 pointing and tracking fixes. Adds new magnetic/true north alignment. REQUIRES VERSION 5.6 AUTOSTAR UPDATER.
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I bought a Night Owl Vision Cyclops 1 monocular marked Made in Russia from a man last weekend at a flea market. It is in pristine condition and the gentleman said it worked but he hadn't used it in a long time and that the 9 volt battery was dead. I checked and the battery was indeed dead. I took a chance and bought it for 45 dollars. I installed a new 9 volt battery in the unit and a new 1.5 volt battery in the IR tube. Knowing not to try it during the day, I waited till night. When I pressed the momentary switch all I got was a green lighting storm in the view finder that lasted about 5 seconds. It does the same thing every time I press the switch. Can you please help me as to what may be the problem? The IR tube works fine. Thankyou, Stanley

Hello, Is there two switches on the NV monocular? If so, one is for the IR illuminator and other is for turn the scope off/on. Also, does each switch have a LED associated with it? Green for turning on the monocular and red LED when the IR illuminator is on. Now the IR switch is a momentary switch once you push on the button it turn on IR. If you release the IR button it turns off the IR.. What do you mean by green lightening storm in the view finder? Generation 1 image intensifier tubes when ignited by 15KV it will glow green in the tube. If you look through the eye pieces there will be a green glow with fluctuating intensity as bright light impact the plate in the image tube. GB...stewbison
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We were given an EDU Science telescope and tripod (no case). We don't know if it is working or if it has all the parts. The telescope looks like the link below, but the smaller tube attachment (see the large image front lower right) is missing. All we have is the tripod and the main large tube. The text on the telescope says: Coated Optics DIA-76mm F=800mm When we look inside the telescope (large tube) we see a mirror at the bottom. Near the top inside are the three metal bars with the device in the middle with three screws. I think we are missing the eye piece. I can send pictures if that would help. Our goal is to get it to work without having to buy all new parts. Thanks Jerry Pickett

The bit you are missing is the finder scope, which is a small low-power scope that is used to line up the main scope on an object that you want to view. Without this it can be quite hard to get the scope pointed at anything, as the field of view is quite limited, and more so at higher powers. It can be quite expensive to buy useful eyepieces for a scope, but they are readily available if the eyepiece mount tube is 1.25 inch inside diameter. The eyepieces that originally came with this scope probably were not very good, and in fact this scope is not up to much. It is rather small for a reflector at three inches diameter. You certainly won't be able to use it at the advertised 600 power, or even at 200. It has neither the resolution nor the light gathering ability with that small an aperture.I would recommend that you explore the web page at THIS LINK for a lot of good advice about first telescopes, before you spend any money.
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