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Eyepieces lost HiI lost the eyepieces and the moon filter, how can i get them on the internet, can not find them....mi email is or thanks

Posted by ric72 on Nov 15, 2007

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In the UK you can get them for 14.95 + 2 ... moon filter. I will get back to ... for the observatories that can't use their top eyepieces. Thanks again ...
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Will an O III help ? ... An O-III filter will dim them ... I added the Orion Sky-Glow LPR filter, and using my 21mm and 32mm eyepieces ...
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Eyepieces lost HiI lost the eyepieces and the moon filter, how can i get them on the internet, can not find them....mi email is or thanks

You did not mention your telescope make and model so:1. measure eyepiece holder. Determine of you use .965in. or 1.25in. diameter eyepieces. If you use .965 eyepieces you are limited in choices. HANDSONOPTICS.COM carries nice Plossls. SURPLUSSHED.COM. sells .965 moon filters and cheaper eyepieces. If you have a 1.25 eyepiece holder, the skies the limit on eyepieces. Check Ebay plus other sites.2. Determine the focal length of the eyepiece you want to use. As a rule, your scope can magnify 50x per inch of aperture although looking at just the moon, you can stretch that a bit. For example, a 80mm reflector (3.1 in). x 50 = 155x max. magnification (must be a perfectly clear night) So now find the focal length of the scope (stamped/labeled somewhere) Typical refractor is 700mm. For maximum power (155x) it is: focal length of telescope/focal length of eyepiece = magnification. Or FL (scope)/ magification= FL eyepiece. 700/155= 4.5mm. This size will have terrible eye relief unless you spend $$$$$. Suggest a 10mm eyepiece which gives 70x power and a great view of the moon and planets
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Lost vision The telescope was working fine until I was trying to match the view through the smaller spotting scope with that of the main telescope, and suddenly I could faintly tell I was aimed at the moon by a soft glow alone, but could no longer actually see details nor the usual brightness of it. I've taken the scope apart and cleaned the lenses and mirror. I can see beautifully if I remove the eyepiece, but of course I'm just looking at the mirrors inside at that point. When I replace the eyepiece, all I can see is that very faint glow which, when focused, gives me that funky view of the inside of my own eyeball like when you get your eyes checked at the optometrist's office and they shine that bright light in your pupil. Any idea what's happened here and how I can fix it? Maybe I need a new eyepiece?

Your telescope is a "Newtonian," as such it requires regular "collimation" Collimation the alignment of the optics. The mirrors must be lined up properly for the telescope to deliver a good image to the eyepiece. Your scope sound like it is way out of collimation. My guess is that the diagonal (secondary) mirror has rotated in it's mount. There are three basic tools for collimating a Newtonian the Sight Tube, Cheshire and Autocollimator. To get your digonal aligned correctly you need a sight tube. Rather than spend a lot on these consider making your own and keep an eye on eBay offerings. Don't bother investing in a laser collimator, they simply don't do the job unless you go for the very best. From some help with the collimation process check these links. The 60 page pamphlet "New Perspectives on Newtonian Collimation," Fourth Edition by Vic Menard and Tippy D’Auria runs $10, but if you really want to do it right it's worth the money. HTH, George
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Just picked up a TASCO Luminova scope for a very keen price pre owned. Am reading that the eyepieces are rubbish. Want to upgrade .965 eyepieces to say Plossl 20mm. Does this seem like a sensible way forward and where can I get a suitable eyepiece at a keen price. Beginner, never looked through a scope before. Thanks. Bill

You've got a low cost starter 'scope and everything on it is very much built at minimum cost. My personal experience has been that optical performance in all respects is almost an afterthought and there is a huge variation in quality control between different examples of identical models. There are always loads of barely-used Tasco's for sale from owners who have rapidly discovered how poor they are.Save your money for now, unless you have a terrible example then your 'scope should be good enough for now to learn the basics with. Better eyepieces simply show up the sub-standard performance of the Luminova optical tube assembly to an even greater degree, and until you have decided what you mainly wish to look at, buying a set of improved eyepieces may be a waste of money as it's far better to buy one really good quality eyepiece which you'll use all the time than a kit of average ones with eyepieces you'll hardly ever use. See if there's a local astronomy club as you'll then get to use far better devices than yours and will soon learn how and where to best to spend your money. You'll also likely benefit from access to sales of better equipment than yours from folks who have upgraded.
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I own a Mossberg Model A "Spotshot" 20X target spotting scope which I bought back in 1953. It is in excellent condition except for the fact that all of the internal tubes and lenses were removed for cleaning some years ago and I lost the order in which they have to be re-assembled. The optical train consists of the following: 1. optical "stop" with 1/2 " hole, thickness 1 mm 2. aluminum tube spacer, length 41 mm 3. " " " " " length 19 mm 4. " " " " " length 18 mm 5. " " " " " length 5 mm 6. Lens, dia 12 mm, focal length 22 mm 7. Lens, dia 9 mm, focal length 16 mm 8. Lens, dia 3 mm, focal length 22 mm 9. compression coil spring 10. objective and eyepiece ( No question about where they go.) I measured the focal lengths using the sun as the source, and a mm scale. They are approximate. I thought I could use the above information to figure out the order of assembly, but so far without success. I'm down to trial and error, which is driving me nuts. I sure hope you can help. Thanks in advance for your help.

As I had rebuilt many zoom lenses in my lifetime the ground glass on the back side is what you are looking through on any scope. It magnafies that way to capture the entire image of the frame your focussing onto. Now the lens the nearest to the eye is producing the smallest image and graduate in a larger size each steped up.. Look at the below link to get an idea
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I have lost my - Tasco Luminova 40114675 (675 x 114mm) Telescope

Hi, The question looks incomplete. Please let me know what are you looking for and I will help you further.
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I own a Pentax PF80-ED spotting scope with a Pentax SMC Zoom Eyepiece 20x-60x #70509. I recently lost the eye relief ring from the end of the eyepiece. This piece of plastic must have come unscrewed and fallen off. I called Pentax Service Department and was told they don't repair these scopes and they gave me the parts dept no.. I called the parts department and was told that tghey don't stock spotting scope parts and that I would have to return the scope and they would repair or replace it, They refused to tell me if they would charge me for the replacement. This scope cost over $1,000, and the missing ring is a $5 or $10, part. Any ideas on how I can get this part or how I can get in touch with an actual service department worker (not customer dervice)? The scope is 8 years old, so I assume it is out of warranty

Unfortunately, you're at the mercy of the parts/service department. They made it, they have the parts, and you're in a rough spot. I would advertise on Craigs list about the relief ring, and see if you get a hit. Someone might have a broken scope with the ring intact. It's about your only shot, short of calling gun shops across the country for a good used one, or one for parts. And yes, if you could get to the service or parts department, you might be able to procure one, but that would take trying to get a number for them and trying to contact them, which might be possible with some ingenuity and finesse. Wish I had more, but hope this helps.
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I need replacement parts for my telescope I recently bought through a flea market...can I get them? The parts are a 5x24 view finder and the eyepiece lenses that go with it. I have 1 of the 3 originals. Can you help? Also any software or documents to show me how to use it would be helpful. Thank you

You can buy eyepieces from MANY on-line retailers. Here is one: can also buy a finder scope from the above retailer or from this retailer: good retailers on the internet.
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Just picked up a TASCO Luminova pre owned at keen price. Would like to upgrade the eyepiece, say Plossl 20mm. The scope is 40-114675; D = 114 F= 900mm. Am a beginner, any advice on improving this scope gratefully received. Bill

Eyepieces are sold in 3 sizes .965 inch, 1.25 inch, and 2 inch.Measure the hole in the focuser and buy the correct size. MANY retailers sell eyepieces-- here are two:
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I lost the eyepiece for the Vivitar scope It has a 1 in. inside diam.

This is a ,965 eyepiece -- Telescope Warehouse may have some you can buy-- see this web site: is a kit--
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