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Flickering & power off

I have a night mariner in excellent cosmetic condition that works, sort of. It comes on and gives a great picture. But, at the same time, the image flickers... not totally off and on but just flickers... about one or two times a second. The flickers are fast and irregular, like 1/2 second, then 1 second, etc. Then after a few minutes, the entire instrument powers itself off. If you turn it back one, it will do it all over again. Batteries are fresh. Thanks Al Jennings

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Flickering & power off

Seems to me that you have a failing power supply. Suggest you contact ITT warranty repair dept.
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Will not power on - ITT Night Mariner 160 Monocular

Hello, these ITT Night Mariner 160 monocular are almost impossible to work on. To make them water proof every joint, hole, cap are epoxyed on. Check the internet and look for companies that manufacture materials that will desolve epoxy cement and even better stuff is that it makes the epoxy really soft for it can be removed. Sorry dude I couldn't be more help. stewbison
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Changed batterys no power black eye nothing - ITT Night Mariner 160 Monocular

How long have you had this ITT Night Mariner 160 NV monocular? Sorry, it needs to taken a part and trouble shoot the electronic components and image intensifier tube. stewbison. If I had my shop set up but I sold all of my electronic test equipment. Contact ITT and ask them what to do. stewbison
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Atn night storm 3 not working

On any tv's pc, any thing that you don't want fried. The powder surge is what kills them powder going on and off buy powder surgers on every thing and you will never have that problem.
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ITT night mariner 160

My advice ,if i were you, would be to leave the batteries in for a day and leave your unit turned on. either leave the cap on, or put it in a closet and see if it works better. The new AAA batteries should be fine i'm sure you have how to put the four in correct, and yes they are all that's needed. But leaving your unit on for the day will do a few things. First, it puts a current through all of the working components, i.e. light gathering elements and your infrared components. They may "wake up" from being on and they may not. But at the very worst you are only out the cost of four triple A's.
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I have a Meade nightview night vision monocular. When powered up i only see a gray screen with no images at all. ir function works fine. Meade tells me that they no longer service these models. Please help

Hello, sorry, it is a bad image intensifier tube. 90% of the troubles with these Russian manufactured tubes they are not manufactured very well. Poor quality control on many of their consumer goods...junk. GB,,,stewbison
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I have acquired a night owl monocular nightscope. the only number I could find was in the battery compartment # H3T-3M. there was a serial # 9846786. The problem appears to be the switch. the powerligt comes on and stays on when the ir is on, the led and regular night vison does not come on. is there a trick to turning on and powering up this device

Yes, If you turned the Night Owl on during the daylight hours, or looking directly into bright lights.If you have done this more than few time it could have damaged the image intensifier tube. If this happen to many times, it's finny, kaput, so long, it gone south, and gone bye-bye. Looking at bright lights is damaging to NV devise. The intensity plate in the image tube, magify the existing light about 3000 to 8000 (radian light from the stars, moon and other light sources).You have 80mm front lens on the Night Owl NOCP5. This mean that more light can inter into image tube.Sir, have you been looking at bright lights, operate NV system during the day, have you? If not, there could be something else worng with you Night Owl. stewbison
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I have not been able to use my Night Owl night vision monocular for quite a number of years now. Recently when I loaded new alkaline batteries and turned the unit on, the power indicator as well as the IR indicator lit up but there is absolutely no image at all. The lens cover is removed of course, but no image appears at all, its a total blank. Once or twice a dim or faint light would appear on the upper left hand quadrant of the FOV but no image would appear at all. The unit was properly stored in its box minus any batteries during the 2 years that it was in storage. The unit was never dropped or subjected to any blunt force trauma, there are no indications of misuse or mishandling. The unit was never exposed to any moisture or dramatic temperature change.Can you help me diagnose further?Thank you.

If there is NO image this usually suggests that the image intensifier high voltage section isn't working correctly. In actual fact there are NO DIY parts that can be "home" serviced in reality. The very best thing you can do is return it to the manufacturers for repair, they are really the ONLY people who will have the necessary equipment to effect a reliable repair.
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Mariner 160 I'm looking to purchase this set but it has a problem of powering up then shutting back down. Try to power up after that an will not at all after setting for awhile it does the same thing. THANKS Ken

Hello, Yes problem solved.If I shared that input with you, who would I charge your experts or would you continue to profit from me???
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