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525 power telecope 600mm objective diameter NO VIEWING

Hello, I have bought a 525 power telescope with 60mm objective diameter. It all looks really good but we weren't given the manual as I later discovered so when my hubby tried to use it he could see nothing. Do you think it isn't working or is it that we are not using it properly? P.S. It was bought second hand we d love to have the manual and actually enjoy some viewing. Your help will be greatly appreciated

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INSTRUCTION MANUAL LIT. #: 9303710405 ... H25mm Eye Lens Power: 28 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Objective Diameter: ... Low power is recommended for most viewing conditions.
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525 power telecope 600mm objective diameter NO VIEWING

Did u open the telescope tube by pulling the center plug and the outer ring then you should be able to see
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Sotfware "Autostar" support (With Telescop LX200ACF)

The objects are updated using the Autostar Suite software ver.5.5 on the Meade web site (free).Here-
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My LX200 (1992 vintage) has apparantly suffered complete electronic failure. Having blown both the line fuse and the slow blow behind the power panel, I started trouble shooting and found: The ribon male connector on the power plate has a short between terminal 1 (18v line) and terminal 2 (12v line) somewhere on the back of the connector hidden from view. In addition the said 12v line is down to earth, either through the caps C1 and C2 or the plugs for Rs232 or the key pad. To locate these faults I had disconnected C4 , R1, D2, the 5V regulator and even cut the pc board tracks in a few places. With apparantly several faults on this pcb I assumed the main pcb could be faulty as well. Then I decided to stop further troubleshooting My question is what can be done. Is it possible to replace all the electronics? The scope has seen very little use, but may have suffered electronic failure due to extended expsure to slight humidity. The pcb appear in perfect condition though, ie shiny and no signs of track faulting. I hope this helps to describe my distress adequately. I hope there is a way out because manual guiding is not on for me.

Ron Sampson can repair the electronics in Meade telescopes. You only need to send him the boards with your detailed description of what you believe is burned out.He can be reached by posting a message on the Yahoo LX200 and or LX90 Group forums. Also Dr.Clay in Arkansas can repair the scope along with Meade (possible if they have new boards) -- Dr. Clay can be reached here:
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I need replacement parts for my telescope I recently bought through a flea market...can I get them? The parts are a 5x24 view finder and the eyepiece lenses that go with it. I have 1 of the 3 originals. Can you help? Also any software or documents to show me how to use it would be helpful. Thank you

You can buy eyepieces from MANY on-line retailers. Here is one: can also buy a finder scope from the above retailer or from this retailer: good retailers on the internet.
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We have a problem with the view of the telescope, we tried to see but is not posible to see the figure on the perfect way, please it may be a probleme with some mirrow.... Gracias

Put the eyepiece with the largest number written on it into the focuser. DO NOT use the 2xbarlow of you have one.Try again.
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I have a makusutove 150 1800 telescope and I cant seem to get it to focus correctly - it seems as though the mirrors are focussing the light behind the viewing lens. I can get a focussed image if I hold the viewing lens about 4 inches behind the telescope. how can I adjust this telescope to enable a focused image with the viewing lens in the holder?

You do not have enough BACK-FOCUS, you need an extension tube for the focuser like this one: the correct size for the focuser hole--
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I was just given a telescope and the only markings are "Polaris by Meade". I believe the telescope is an equatorial, but I am a biologist and not an astronomer. The dimensions of telescope are 33" long with an O.D. of 5 1/2". How do I identify the model? When I was given the telescope, it did not have a manual or any viewing lens. I would like to obtain a manual and viewing lens, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

It's a Meade 114EQ-D that is the model--- a reflector style telescope on an Equatorial mount.You can find a manual on the Meade web site here: under the 4.5 inch REFLECTOR Heading.
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Upside down images on my telescope. Bought used -no manuel. What to do?

In a refractor images are upside down as with most telescopes. You need an image erector to create a normal correct R and L and Up and Down image. It is a lens which goes in front of the eyepiece to give a correct image.
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Lost vision The telescope was working fine until I was trying to match the view through the smaller spotting scope with that of the main telescope, and suddenly I could faintly tell I was aimed at the moon by a soft glow alone, but could no longer actually see details nor the usual brightness of it. I've taken the scope apart and cleaned the lenses and mirror. I can see beautifully if I remove the eyepiece, but of course I'm just looking at the mirrors inside at that point. When I replace the eyepiece, all I can see is that very faint glow which, when focused, gives me that funky view of the inside of my own eyeball like when you get your eyes checked at the optometrist's office and they shine that bright light in your pupil. Any idea what's happened here and how I can fix it? Maybe I need a new eyepiece?

Your telescope is a "Newtonian," as such it requires regular "collimation" Collimation the alignment of the optics. The mirrors must be lined up properly for the telescope to deliver a good image to the eyepiece. Your scope sound like it is way out of collimation. My guess is that the diagonal (secondary) mirror has rotated in it's mount. There are three basic tools for collimating a Newtonian the Sight Tube, Cheshire and Autocollimator. To get your digonal aligned correctly you need a sight tube. Rather than spend a lot on these consider making your own and keep an eye on eBay offerings. Don't bother investing in a laser collimator, they simply don't do the job unless you go for the very best. From some help with the collimation process check these links. The 60 page pamphlet "New Perspectives on Newtonian Collimation," Fourth Edition by Vic Menard and Tippy D’Auria runs $10, but if you really want to do it right it's worth the money. HTH, George
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