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Telescope doesn't seem to work

I have a Meade ETX-90EC. Looking through it I see nothing. There is a silver colered nob that I believe is supposed to flip a mirror or prism in position but it does nothing. Any advice will be most appreciated.

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Another question How about if i buy the celestron 8se from Amazon (the option that includes free shipping) on the address of my friend. All my friend has to do is to check it that it works and ship to my address in france. The following fixed and definite costs would be: -Payment to Amzon for the equipement (USD 1199) -Payment to my friend for shipping to me (via UPS) *The cost in Europe is Euros 1650(including shipping) *The cost from US is approx Euros 1050 (including shipping + insurance and exchange rate based) The following probable cost is the Adouane or cutoms duty. The telescope has 20% VAT (Euros 168) which brings the actual price of the telescope to Euros 1218. Now excise duty doesnt apply on this postal mail. We are left with only one duty i.e., custums duty which is applied on price base+insurance (no shipping cost included). This varies from country to country and product to product. I assume if it reaches to as high as 30% (more than VAT) the total price would be Euros 1500. Now the profit margin seems to range from 50 to 100 euros. So as per my rough guess, if your mail skip the customs (usually happens) then you can have a price advantage of around euros 300 to 400. After all this calculation we need to see what disadvantages might exists. The only main disadvantage is that the warranty rests in USA. So if some thing wrong happens which is beyond the engineering mind of the telescope owner, it is possible that it stands in the room as a piece of junk. The cost of sending back to US and receving back means one problem will simply cost approx Euros 450 (return based). If this risk can be taken, i think there is a point to buy without going to USA. I have googled around and found that most of the single item based postal mails skip the customs and most of the time the VAT as well since it is costly and time consuming activity for the governments to follow each mail. In UK, they charge the customs plus the custom services from the client. Here is the mail translated in english that i recieved from the to my recent inquiry regarding price. ******************************************************************************** Hello, and Thank you for your message. The product you want to buy seems to be cheaper in the U.S. that Germany. But it is a false impression. In the given prices, taxes and costs for the customs are not included! It makes a big difference! Please also note that there are other problems if you buy in USA: - If you have a problem with the telescope, you must send it to the U.S. ... And it also has to do with costs for the customs and extremely long lasting delays - In addition, shipping costs are also higher than in the U.S. and `can lasts much longer. In addition, you do not have the same rights and safety regulations, for example, you can not change the products, you do not have 2 years of warranty etc. ..... If you consider these arguments, I think you'll think - like us - that it makes no sense to buy the equipment in the U.S.. Please contact us again if you have more questions or suggestions please ****************************************************************************

You would be better off to buy locally. Try to find a local astronomy club and attend their meetings and star parties. Sometimes the members sell their older equipment at greatly reduced prices.
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Need a new AutoStar Tripod

Hey, Al. Check on Craigslist (lol). I'd start at pawn shops. e-bay? HEY, OUT THERE! AL NEEDS A TRIPOD. Good luck, buddy.
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I put the telescope together but it seems like it doesnt work , blurry and not focused

Put the diagonal into the focuser-- then put the eyepiece with the largest number written on it into the diagonal. DO NOT USE the 2x barlow. Practice focusing duriong the day time on a distant object.Read this:
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Can't see object with 6450 Telescope

You cannot use high power in those small telescopes. Only use the eyepiece with the largest number written on it. I know the box said 600 power--- it was a complete LIE! The maximum magnification is 50 times aperture. You probably have something like a 2 inch lens. So 100 power is the maximum usable power.Next time buy a telescope similar to this one:
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Nothing seems to work on my LX90

You may need to purchase a new hand unit.go to for purchase.
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ETX 60 altitude doesn´t work, but motor works

You need to tighten the friction lock - it acts as a slip clutch.
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Hi, Inherited a North Star Bushnell telescope. No instruction manual. I downloaded that. The little corded thing works but the motor doesn't seem to be working to turn the telescope in the right direction. There is one 9 volt battery installed near the remote thing. Do I need more batteries for the motor? If so, where do they go? Also, (I feel really stupid) why is everything upside down when I look through the eyepiece? One more stupid question....I know the mirror is at one end, at the other end is a small cap in the center of the large cap. Do I only remove the small cap or do I take off the whole big cap when I want to use the telescope? One more not stupid question. Can I buy a case that is specifically for this telescope, if so where? Thank you, Teresa

I don't know about the motor on this scope.Astronomical telescopes usually show an upside down image. There is a good reason for this- erecting the image needs more bits of glass in the light path, which reduces the amount of light and increases aberrations. Even if this is only slight, astronomers prefer to avoid it, and they don't really care which way up the Moon or Jupiter appear. It is possible to fit an erecting prism or eyepiece to most astronomical telescopes, and some of them come with one.You remove the whole large cap to use the telescope.I don't know about cases for this scope. I just leave my scope set up in the corner of the dining room.
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We were given an EDU Science telescope and tripod (no case). We don't know if it is working or if it has all the parts. The telescope looks like the link below, but the smaller tube attachment (see the large image front lower right) is missing. All we have is the tripod and the main large tube. The text on the telescope says: Coated Optics DIA-76mm F=800mm When we look inside the telescope (large tube) we see a mirror at the bottom. Near the top inside are the three metal bars with the device in the middle with three screws. I think we are missing the eye piece. I can send pictures if that would help. Our goal is to get it to work without having to buy all new parts. Thanks Jerry Pickett

The bit you are missing is the finder scope, which is a small low-power scope that is used to line up the main scope on an object that you want to view. Without this it can be quite hard to get the scope pointed at anything, as the field of view is quite limited, and more so at higher powers. It can be quite expensive to buy useful eyepieces for a scope, but they are readily available if the eyepiece mount tube is 1.25 inch inside diameter. The eyepieces that originally came with this scope probably were not very good, and in fact this scope is not up to much. It is rather small for a reflector at three inches diameter. You certainly won't be able to use it at the advertised 600 power, or even at 200. It has neither the resolution nor the light gathering ability with that small an aperture.I would recommend that you explore the web page at THIS LINK for a lot of good advice about first telescopes, before you spend any money.
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RCX 400 Serial port connection failure

If you are sure it is not the cable--- and the serial port NUMBER is correct-- then time to send it back to Meade for repairs. ARE YOU SURE that you have set the SOFTWARE to the proper port number?
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I assembled it without a manual because i cant find one, and i cant seem to work it everything looks good but with the lense i cant quite seem to work it, thanks- Sean Karim

Put the eyepiece with the largest number written on it into the focuser. DO NOT use the 2x barlow if you have one.Go outside during the day time and practice focusing on a distant object using the eyepiece mentioned above.Line up the small finder scope with the main tube-- point the scope at the top of a distant telephone pole or church steeple.Without moving the scope, line up the cross-hairs in the finder scope with the same object. Once this is lined up you can use the small finder scope to locate objects in the sky.Read my TIPS on my profile page.
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