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New Telescope I returned my Bushnell 100mm maksotuv was a bad peice. Now i'm deciding for a better one, one that has the same features like the GO To program that actually works and a sharp focus and tracking technology. I hope there is a telescope like that under $600. Any suggestions? Any help appreciated.

Posted by Astron on Jan 26, 2008

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We did not find results for: new telescope i returned my bushnell 100mm maksotuv cassagrain it was a bad peice now i m deciding for a better one one that has the same features like the go to program that actually works and a sharp focus and tracking technology i hope there is a telescope like that under 600 any suggestions any help appreciated.

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New Telescope I returned my Bushnell 100mm maksotuv was a bad peice. Now i'm deciding for a better one, one that has the same features like the GO To program that actually works and a sharp focus and tracking technology. I hope there is a telescope like that under $600. Any suggestions? Any help appreciated.

Meade and Celestron both make small goto scopes-- can I persuade you to buy a nice PUSHTO Dobsonian like this one--
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I have a Meade DS-127 I bought 6 years ago. Not once have I been able to view anything. It came with three eye pieces and to just try and look at the moon it is like looking through a real cheap binocular. (very small image) I guess I was suppose to see other galaxies with it but I can't even view a close up of the moon. I has all the motorized tracking and such but I was so frustrated with the quality of image that I put it in the shed and left it there all these years. what can I do to fix the problem? I'd like to be able to see things. Is it the eye pieces? $ 500.00 is a lot of money. I had a cheap one when I was a kid and saw more detail in the moon than this thing.

This does seem a little strange. If you bought it used I could see perhaps that the eye pieces are not correct. It could be that the eyepieces were never setup properly for your eyes. This diopter setting is really nothing more than adjusting the eyepiece so that the image is focused properly for the distance that your eye is from the eyepiece. This is basically just screwing the eye pieces in or out until the image files the eyepiece. It is not focusing but and adjustment. This would definitely cause this. If you have the manual I'd suggest looking at the alignment portion of the setup section. If you go over the setup you should correct this. As it is a bit long a process I won;t try to type it out here. If you don;t have the manual you can get a copy of it for free from this url:'d also take a look at the cleanliness of the optics. This would make things fuzzy or appear gray. Meades are good scopes so I would think this is more of a setup issue than anything else.
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Hello, i took off the etx from its forks to use it as a second telescope piggybacked on my lx90,and in the process broke one of the forks, actually i completely dismantled the fork, now there's just four wires poking out of the azimuth base, now i would like to use it to use the mount to take astrophotos with a dslr camerra that i will adapt to the remaining fork. i connected the handbox expecting it to track my camera in polar ,with azimuth motor but handbox says i have motor problem, i just need it to follow the sky,i will appreciate it if you have any tips. chris

If you broke the forks then it will never track properly. You can return it to Meade for repair.Here:
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Hiii, would like to buy a second hand telescope from a guy, but i dont know if this telescope is good or not for a beginner. I would like to see the moon up close, and i would like to see some planets. Could you tell me if that is possible with this telescope? Bresser type 96-18800. And if not, what can i see with this one? And can u reccomend one that i can see the moon up close and planets, for a nice price?

I believe that scope is on a EQ mount which you must polar align in order to use the telescope. It is also a small refractor. You will be able to see the major planets, a few star cluster, and a few bright nebula, along with double stars.However it is only about 70mm so it's light gathering power is low. Look at this type of telescope.
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I have the same Telescope and am looking for lenses

If the opening is about 1 inch then you need eyepieces that are .965 inch -- The common sizes are .965, 1.25 , and 2 inch. .965 eyepieces are available for purchase on Ebay and here:
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I struggle to use the finder scope on the telescope, is it rubbish or is it me. i would like to change the rdf but it looks like its unique to this scope, nothing else looks like it, the mount does not look like any other mount on other rdf, i,m i stuck with this one or are they any other rdf i could use on this scope with the same mount. the telescope is fab but spend most of the time trying to aline rdf. celestron is such a big manufacture in telescopes and dont recon they would supply a scope with a hard to use finder. 2 red dots and 2 circles need to be lined up at an object, in day light fine but a nightmare against the dark sky, any tips if i'm stuck with it? cheers

No you can buy many different kinds of finder scopes and mounts-- look here:
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I have a broken elevation spindle, the little aluminum casting that passes through the plastic driven gear and ultimately ends in 4 tapped holes that the sleeve bolts to that holds the optical tube. We tried to repair this with JB Weld Epoxy, and it held for one night, but it broke again when moving the scope. Is a replacement spindle casting available from any source? Although I am an engineer, and if money were no object, I could probably reverse engineer this part, produce a blueprint from many careful measurements, go to a foundry, and have a new one cast (or drop forged) in stainless steel, it would cost many times more than the telescope itself, and for that price I could just get a much bigger scope with a far more rugged mount. The original damage happened when the motorized mount was in a duffel bag that someone knocked off the tailgate of a pickup. It fell about 3 feet and impacted on hard rocky terrain. Visually it appeared to be undamaged until the weight of the tube was applied, then it was obvious something had broken. I have some pictures of the part and exactly where it goes if it has a different name than what I described. So i need a good part number for this part, a valid address and price and delivery information to order one from. If someone has built an aftermarket one from something like stainless steel or similar stronger material, so much the better, as it might also stiffen the scope and reduce vibration and oscillation when one bumps the eyepiece while observing.

Meade "MAY" sell you the part? Usually they want you to send the scope back. Call customer service: is also a problem on the ETX model scopes. There are some ingenious fixes posted on the Mighty ETX web site.Here: Bassically bolts, washers and nuts.Search the web site for Broken DEC knob.
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Another question How about if i buy the celestron 8se from Amazon (the option that includes free shipping) on the address of my friend. All my friend has to do is to check it that it works and ship to my address in france. The following fixed and definite costs would be: -Payment to Amzon for the equipement (USD 1199) -Payment to my friend for shipping to me (via UPS) *The cost in Europe is Euros 1650(including shipping) *The cost from US is approx Euros 1050 (including shipping + insurance and exchange rate based) The following probable cost is the Adouane or cutoms duty. The telescope has 20% VAT (Euros 168) which brings the actual price of the telescope to Euros 1218. Now excise duty doesnt apply on this postal mail. We are left with only one duty i.e., custums duty which is applied on price base+insurance (no shipping cost included). This varies from country to country and product to product. I assume if it reaches to as high as 30% (more than VAT) the total price would be Euros 1500. Now the profit margin seems to range from 50 to 100 euros. So as per my rough guess, if your mail skip the customs (usually happens) then you can have a price advantage of around euros 300 to 400. After all this calculation we need to see what disadvantages might exists. The only main disadvantage is that the warranty rests in USA. So if some thing wrong happens which is beyond the engineering mind of the telescope owner, it is possible that it stands in the room as a piece of junk. The cost of sending back to US and receving back means one problem will simply cost approx Euros 450 (return based). If this risk can be taken, i think there is a point to buy without going to USA. I have googled around and found that most of the single item based postal mails skip the customs and most of the time the VAT as well since it is costly and time consuming activity for the governments to follow each mail. In UK, they charge the customs plus the custom services from the client. Here is the mail translated in english that i recieved from the to my recent inquiry regarding price. ******************************************************************************** Hello, and Thank you for your message. The product you want to buy seems to be cheaper in the U.S. that Germany. But it is a false impression. In the given prices, taxes and costs for the customs are not included! It makes a big difference! Please also note that there are other problems if you buy in USA: - If you have a problem with the telescope, you must send it to the U.S. ... And it also has to do with costs for the customs and extremely long lasting delays - In addition, shipping costs are also higher than in the U.S. and `can lasts much longer. In addition, you do not have the same rights and safety regulations, for example, you can not change the products, you do not have 2 years of warranty etc. ..... If you consider these arguments, I think you'll think - like us - that it makes no sense to buy the equipment in the U.S.. Please contact us again if you have more questions or suggestions please ****************************************************************************

You would be better off to buy locally. Try to find a local astronomy club and attend their meetings and star parties. Sometimes the members sell their older equipment at greatly reduced prices.
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Meade DS 10 from where?

You can call Meade but I doubt they would have parts. If the lens is cracked FORGET IT! It's not worth fixing.Here is Meade's web site:
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When I power on my Celestron CGE 1400 and i hit one of the directional buttons on the remote my telescope goes only in one direction like if one of the buttons is pressed all the time. Thank you.

You either have a bad hand controller or a bad hand controller cable. Try a new cable first. Also do a RESET on the hand controller and return it to the factory default. If these do not fix the problem it must be returned to Celestron for repair.
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