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I am trying to set this telescope up inside, so only have a small view of the sky, how do i align the telescope when all i have is a small part of the sky and the standard stars are not in view, i have an aligment star library of about 30 stars but i dont know how to find them in the sky. can some one please help

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Find great deals on eBay for meade lx200 emc 8. Shop with confidence.

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The Meade LX200 is a family of commercial telescopes produced by Meade Instruments launched in 1992 with 8" (20.32 cm) and a 10" (25.4 cm) Schmidt–Cassegrain models ...
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Problem with start up on telescope

Most probably, flat batteries. Autostars go berserk when batteries are even a little low. Try it with a mains power adaptor instead. Otherwise, maybe its a dodgy curly cable, broken Autostar, broken control panel or Autostar firmware needs reloaded
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By doing this trick--Do a FAKE alignment-- (I assume that the scope is trained and has the proper date, time, and site)-- just push the buttons for the alignment stars that you cannot see. Then do a GOTO to a star that is in your field of view--- center the star and SYNC. Your gotos will now be OK in your limited field of view.
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Problem with start up with my telescope

I have found info to my problem with my scope there is a company in england that deals with meade issues. there web page is WWW.AWRTECH.CO.UK the problem with my scope is the dec motor assembly ,and the opto pulses ,i will have to send it to them so they may check this problem out ,only around $43.00 dollars to have them check this problem out ,they tell me that these assemblys are very unstable .contact alan buckman at the web site above if you have simular problem .there is also a good section on repairing this in the MAPUG USER GROUP . good luck with this web page they wern"t much help for me on problems
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Fist time alignment issues.

See Darth_Muppet response to same issue.
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Fist time alignment issues.

Did you calibrate the motors and TRAIN the drives? If not do these first-- During alignment the "alignment" stars may or may NOT be visible in the eyepiece-- CENTER the star. Once you do this with two stars your gotos should be good.
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Calibrating & Aligning the Meade 10" LX200 GPS Telescope in the Southern Hemisphere

Do a Calibrate Sensors Do a Train Drive in RA and also DECThis makes sure that the scope is calibrated properly. Do an AUTOMATIC ALIGN when asked to center star, look for the BRIGHTEST star that is close to the scopes field of view. It will be that star you need to used the arrow keys on to centre it in the scope eyepiece and press enter. This star can be as much as a HANDS distance away from the centre of view If you cannot identify the star it is asking you to use, press the SCROLL DOWN key to choose another star, keep doing this until you see a star you recognise.That's it!You can also hold down the MODE key for about 4 seconds and scroll through the scope info. Make sure you have the correct location coordinates ( Lat/Long) and the correct time set.Select a bright object first such as a planet and GOTO it. Once you have manually centered it in the eyepiece, press ENTER and hold it for 6 seconds, the handset will say " Press ENTER to sync", press enter and you have updated the scope with the coordinates of that object.
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How to realign a permanent base for a 16'' Meade LX200 Telescope

You will not need the GPS to work once you are polar aligned, especially if you use the PARK feature before you turn it off.If the base can be rotated to within 1 or 2 degrees of true North you can use the RA adjustments on the wedge to compensate for the error. Is this a commercial wedge or one that someone welded together from steel? If it is commercial it should have RA adjustments. BUT, you will still need to get near true North or you will not have enough adjustment to correct the final few degrees of error. If you can point the scope at Polaris you will be within "range" of the possible wedge adjustment.This may help you: see step #2 see #8 this helps you.
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I have an issue on my meade ET90 AT. I have a motor failure message after the telescope try to find a star. Now when I turn on I received a message from the autostar to press 0 or mode in both case it start the test motor and appear the message Motor fault. I change the batteries but it doesn't change the result. When I turn on and I received the message "0 or press mode" if I try to push the arrows button the telescope move right and left but no up and down. I called the meade customer service and after 30 seconds they told me to bring the telescope to their repair center. Thanks

Try this.1. Do a RESET on the hand controller.2. Reenter your Site, Date, and Time.3. Calibrate MotorsNow see if that fixed it. If not it will need to be returned to Meade because a gear or circuit is broken inside the scope.
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Problem with lx200gps meade telescope

It might be a voltage or electrical current problem. Make sure your DC power supply is between 12 and 14 volts. Make sure all electrical connections are tight. Where the power cord plugs into the connection panel, make sure the center pin on the panel fits tightly into the plug. It is a Radio Shack type "N" plug. If tou still have a problem, remove the bottom plate from the scope base and make sure all the connectors are properly seated on the circuit board. Check the connector on the end where the black and red wires are. That is a main power connector and if it is too loose it will not conduct enough current. There can be enough voltage drop that the drive motors won't operate, or they will and the scope will slew uncontrollaby. Be careful handling the wires so that you don't damage them. Good luck, Dave
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