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Automatic leveling won't work

I've suddenly experienced a problem with the LNT. When my telescope tries to fine level, it slews down until the body of the telescope strikes the mount. I'd appreciate any insight you can give. It worked fine one night and quit the next.

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Automatic leveling won't work

You can try moving the tube back from center a bit, rotating it also helps. The tube has become magnetized
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Meade autostar computer wont go up or down only

Could be just a bad cable. Contact Meade customer service.
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Ds2114ats-lnt I am a green rookie and was given a Meade DS2114ATS-LNY telescope. I followed the dvd instructions and have read the manual. I line it up properly with easy align for north and level 0. It doesn't seem to be able to find the alignment stars properly. Is there an easier way for me to get this thing working so I can look at some planets and stars etc? Is there a way to know which stars are in the sky so that I can line it up by their name? I was wondering about entering the R.A. co-ordinates but find it confusing. The manual says it is simple but it is not for me HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP

I was having the same issue. Training the drive cleared up my problem. Meade has a step by step procedure for this on their website. Like Joe L said you will still have to center the alignment star in the eyepiece.
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I have six Meade ETS-LX 6" telescopes which are used in an introductory astronomy lab. I have upgraded the firmware and other files in three of the six and they are working fine. The other three do not function properly. When the powerswitch is turned on, the light in the switch blinks several times and then comes on steady. The AutoStar III handbook shows nothing. I tried the Safe-Loader method given in the advice in several places (including this site) to restore the functioning (hold Enter and Scroll down keys and then turn on), but that does not work (I think it only applies to #495 or #497 Autostars). The safe load procedure for the Autostar II also (999) does not work. According to the Meade assistance person I spoke with, there is no safeload procedure for the Autostar III. The handboxes are not the problem, they work fine on the three telescopes that I did get working. None of the working telescopes give the blinking on the power switch common to all three that do not work. I have tried turning the telescopes on using battery power only, and with the Meade approved 12 V power converter: same sympton with both. Meade's advice is to mail the telescopes to them. If it was only one that failed in this manner I'd probably take that advice, but with three failing the same way, I thought I try to get some help. All are out of warranty, of course. Any ideas?

These scopes have many bugs in the firmware and are not a mature technology. Some people have issues and some do not.About the only thing you can try is to reload the firmware using the SC CARD method. Contact Meade or read the manual to learn how to upgrade the firmware using an SD flash memory card.Other than that the scopes will need to be returned to Meade for repair.
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YM airsoft gun wont work i have cheked the fuse

Check the motor, battery, check to see if the mag is winded, or get a gunsmith to look at it.
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Meade Telescope Model DS 127 part that makes the

Call Meade:
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Well i just bought this cool new telescope and it wont work i think its missing some parts and i don't no anything about telescopes please help me!!

You bought a telescope sold by Toys R Us !!Read my Frequently Asked Questions tip on my profile page. We receive more complaints about this telescope than any other brand.If you can return this telescope, do it NOW!
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Computer control and pointing with NorthStar Goto & Autostar

Your reseller is correct. The wire (Meade cable #505) goes from an RS232 serial port on PC to a 4pin RJ plug. This plugs into the 2nd socket on the bottom of an Autostar 497 handset, the other socket being used for the curly lead to the telescope. So it goes PC to Autostar to telescope. A common error is to try plugging the serial wire into an "AUX" ort on the telescope control panel - same connector. Not only does this not work, it can cause a lot of damage. Wired like this you can control the scope from Meade's Autostar Suite (or many other planetarium softwares). You can also update the Autostar software to the latest 2009 version. What else can go wrong? Well, many people want to control from a laptop, and modern ones don't have RS232 serial ports. Then you need a USB-to-serial convertor dongle, which effectively add a serial port to a laptop. But they often give it a very high port number (eg COM17) that the planetarium software does not find. Use Control Panel to reset the USB-serial-port to COM 1, 2, 3 or 4 and all should be well. But it can be a right fiddle!
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ETX-125 Autostar controller not working

My ETX 125 did this to me, here's what happened I had a 497 autostar hooked up to it and it quit working the scope stopped dead and the autostar went dead i hooked another autostar up to it and the same thing happened I took the scope apart and noticed that the wires for the upper motor run through the bolt that tightens the rotational clutch on the base, the clutch handle mechanism in the base sliced through the wiring and shorted out the 12v black wire onto the autostar data yellow wire, this sent 12v back into the autostar and fried it. both autostar circuit boards were destroyed as the short caused the custom programmed microchip to burn and blister. I am in the process of repairing mine and getting a new autostar computer. I would recommend against asking a friend to try thier autostar box on your scope for obvious reasons.
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