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Downloading image No matter what setting is on the camera binocular the image downloaded is too large. There doesn't seem to be a tool to alter the number of pixels or size of the image so that the whole picture can be viewed normally. Please advise. Thank you, frustrated.

Posted by Mymo45 on Feb 18, 2008

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Downloading image No matter what setting is on the camera binocular the image downloaded is too large. There doesn't seem to be a tool to alter the number of pixels or size of the image so that the whole picture can be viewed normally. Please advise. Thank you, frustrated.

To switch to the lower resolution (320x240), press the mode button repeatedly until the LR symbol is displayed on the LCD display screen. Press the shutter button within 5 seconds, and the mode changes.
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Poor quality Image quality is very poor. Binoculars are OK, but not well fit to the face. Photo of a bird was so bad it was impossible to identify the image, although the binocular view was reasonable. The 10 power size is a bit too much for these small binoculars and 7 power would be more reasonable. Overall this camera/binocular is not worth owning. Help! I have a Vivitar Digital 10/25 Camera Binocular (not listed as a Magnacam). I've tried all possible variables using the operation manual and can't get a decent picture to come out. This was a Christmas gift and I'm unable to return it to a store. I would not buy it if I were looking to do so as I can't figure out how to get a decent picture. I was so looking forward to using it when we got it for's just what we needed...I'm very disappointed with this item. Would love some help with this issue!!!

My response to these always makes me sad. There is no way of getting good picture. These camera binoculars are neither good cameras or binoculars. They do neither well. The camera is just attached to the binoculars. What you see through the binoculars is not what the camera sees. The binoculars magnification is not the same as the lens in the camera. It is like holding a camera on top of a pair of binoculars. The camera will take a picture in the area approximate to where you are looking. Digital cameras have a sensor. The more megapixels the larger the sensor should be. Camera makers are now making compact cameras with huge megapixel capacity without increasing the sensor size. The result is worse looking pictures. Not much is different with the cameras attached to binoculars only the sensors are much worse quality than those on a stand alone digital camera. Maybe not the solution you wanted buts its the truth. If you do want to take bird photos your best bet is a pair of binoculars on a tripod with a digital camera adaptor and camera attached. The camera adaptors that are made in China are not expensive and are copies of some of the high priced units out there. all the adaptor is is a bracket which attaches to a tripod which holds the camera to one of the binocular lenses. That way you see what the camera sees through the binoculars.
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I lost the manual to my Image View Binoculars 110832 and the cord

This can be obtained by calling bushnell customer service at 1-800-423-3537. additional a parts order form can be found at under customer service parts information.
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Downloading image view binocular software

I lost the software and manual for my Bushnell Image View 10x25. How can I get another?
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I have a Meade DS-127 I bought 6 years ago. Not once have I been able to view anything. It came with three eye pieces and to just try and look at the moon it is like looking through a real cheap binocular. (very small image) I guess I was suppose to see other galaxies with it but I can't even view a close up of the moon. I has all the motorized tracking and such but I was so frustrated with the quality of image that I put it in the shed and left it there all these years. what can I do to fix the problem? I'd like to be able to see things. Is it the eye pieces? $ 500.00 is a lot of money. I had a cheap one when I was a kid and saw more detail in the moon than this thing.

This does seem a little strange. If you bought it used I could see perhaps that the eye pieces are not correct. It could be that the eyepieces were never setup properly for your eyes. This diopter setting is really nothing more than adjusting the eyepiece so that the image is focused properly for the distance that your eye is from the eyepiece. This is basically just screwing the eye pieces in or out until the image files the eyepiece. It is not focusing but and adjustment. This would definitely cause this. If you have the manual I'd suggest looking at the alignment portion of the setup section. If you go over the setup you should correct this. As it is a bit long a process I won;t try to type it out here. If you don;t have the manual you can get a copy of it for free from this url:'d also take a look at the cleanliness of the optics. This would make things fuzzy or appear gray. Meades are good scopes so I would think this is more of a setup issue than anything else.
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Software for binocular?!

Any sofware will do available on the net for free
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Downloading pictures from binocular digital cameras

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I'm trying to download pictures from my image view usb binos. model 11-1025 I'm using windows 7 I can not get the images off it

Welcome to Fixya First is to check if the the driver cd is compatible with Windows 7. Once verified, install the driver from the CD-ROM as directed in "Software Installation". After the driver has been installed, you may install Roxio PhotoSuite 5 as well, following the on-screen instructions. When the camera is connected to your PC via the supplied USB cable, the "PC" icon is displayed. Follow the procedure below on how to transfer pictures: 1. Connect the USB cable from the computer to the camera. 2. You may have a brief wait for the process as Windows "builds a driver information database" and confirms that the PC matches the correct software to the attached hardware device. 3. Open the program PhotoSuite 5 4. Click "Transfer" in the left frame area under "Home Page" 5. Select "Transfer from new device" 6. Under (#1) "Select a device from the list", click "DaulCamera", then click "Next" at the bottom of the left frame area. 7. You may now name the group of photos if you wish (#2), or accept the default "Captured (current date). Note that your photos will also be added to your hard drive in a folder of the same name, located in C:/My Documents/My Pictures. 8. Click the "Transfer Photos" button (#3). 9. After several seconds, the driver screen will appear. Click on the "Download photos" button (pink camera round icon on bottom left) to start the download from the ImageView to your computer. 10. When the download is finished, you should see "thumbnail" preview frames showing your photos in the driver window. 11. Next, click the second button from the right at the bottom of the driver window, to "select all photos in this page", if you want to transfer all the photos to your PC. Or, click on the thumbnail frames to select just the photos you want to work with (click again to deselect one), then click "Transfer photos" (second button from left) at the bottom of the driver window. You are then returned to the PhotoSuite transfer screen, and should see all of your transferred photos, identified by the date and file number (beginning with 00000). 12. Click "Next", then "Done" at the bottom of the left frame area. 13. You may now wish to edit (click Edit & Create, then Edit), or print (click Print & Share, then Print) your photos. For detailed instructions for using these and other PhotoSuite features, please refer to "Roxio PhotoSuite Help", available by selecting the Help menu at the top of your screen. Thank you for using Fixya!
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