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I have broken the findersope. Where can I get a replacement? I live near Toronto. Also I cannot set it up

I would gladly pay for lesssons on how to use this telescope. So far the only object I have been able to see is a chimney poy.

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I have broken the findersope. Where can I get a replacement? I live near Toronto. Also I cannot set it up

Go to KMart and by the Daisy BB gun sight, same thing for $14. Get a copy of The NexStar User's Guide by Michael Swanson. Best $20 buck accessory you can find. HTH, Geo.
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GoTo Problem Please Help... im and going crazy!!! I have a Celestron Nextstar SLT 130 GoTo scope and love the pictures it produces but cant get it to GoTo very well. It dose the three star alignment, 1 star alignment and solar alignment fine and have no problems with alignment, level the scope well and set the time to nearly the second. Once aligned and i start to move the scope around the night sky, if i try to ask the socpe to slew back to a star, even an alignment satr, it goes in the general direction but doesn't bring the star into the view field and is off by a significant amount. I have tried centering the star in the view and then asking the scope to find that star and it goes out of the view by the same amount every time. Im goging crazy. I thought it was a motor problem and swaped the scope at the store but the new one is exactly the same. I just dont know what is wrong. Im in the southern skies and only reviews is for the northern, dont know if this matters. Any help would be fantastic. Just cant get it to slew to any objests correctly!

Be sure that the telescope is configured for EQ SOUTH mode to tell it is in the southern hemisphere. Once a star alignment is completed NEVER manually move the telescope. Use only the control panel to slew. Everytime the telescope is move by hand, the motors do not know it has been done, and assume it is still pointing at the old direction. Check the manual for setup.Here:
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I have the Nexstar 8. It will not auto align or manual....

You must set TIME, DATE, and SITE-- probably does not know your actual location. Read the manual and perform all of the setup procedures. Some of these have a "starting position" again read the manual and make sure you are in the "home" position before you start the alignment. Read my TIP on my profile page about GOTO telescopes, and join the NEXSTAR forum on
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Cant see anything through it!! help! - Celestron NexStar 130 SLT (306 x 130mm) Telescope

What about during the day time can you focus on a distant object during the day time?Put the eyepiece with the largest number written on it into the focuser. DO NOT USE the 2 x barlow if you have one. Practice focusing during the day time and read my TIPS on my profile page.
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No power hand held no light on display - Celestron NexStar 130 SLT (306 x 130mm) Telescope

Make sure the batteries are good. The cable to the hand controller may be bad. You can get another cable from either Celestron or a local dealer.If a new cable does not fix it, then either the hand controller is defective, or something on the internal circuit board. It must be returned to Celestron for this type of repair.
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Not seeing i am new to this and have bought a celestron nexstar 130 far i am happy with it...but it seems i am not doing something right. the moon close up is wonderful but i was hoping to see mars,jupiter, and saturn also. i have a 40mm,25mm,9mm,and 6mm eyepieces.also have ordered a 2x barlowe. could you suggest any help...i am in the charleston sc area....will the city lights hurt me that much?

The city lights will not hamper planetary viewing. Excessive power is a common mis-conception. Use 80x or so for best viewing. That would be about a 4mm eyepiece. Start with lower powers and work upwards in easy steps. The greater the power, the narrower the field of view, and it becomes very hard to find anything at all.
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Hi, a few days back I purchased Nexstar 4SE. I set it up exactly how it says in the manual still I cannot see any magnifying views from the eye piece. While aligning the telescope I can find the moon from StarPointer but when I look in the eyepiece I can't see moon. When I look at stars from the eye piece they just appear like a tiny dots (just like they appear to naked eye). I am confused what step I am missing here. Or it it possibility that the eye piece is a defected piece? Please help!! Thanks,Neha

Stars will always appear as points. It is not possible to magnify them enough to see them as disks because they are all extremely far away. A telescope will however show you stars and other objects that are too dim to see with the naked eye.You will be able to see the planets as disks, and even features on the planets, such as the bands on Jupiter, the rings of Saturn and the phases of Venus, and also moons around some planets. There are other objects that will show more detail when magnified, such as nebula. You will be able to see a lot of craters and other detail on the Moon.Your problem is simply that you are not pointing the telescope at these objects. This seems to be one of those telescopes that "automatically" finds objects, but these so called "go to" scopes only do this when they are set up properly. I can't say what step(s) you have missed, but clearly even if the scope thinks it is pointed at the moon, if you can't see the moon, it is NOT pointed there. The Moon will fill the field of view even with the least powerful eyepiece. If you are seeing stars as points, then the eyepiece is focussed and working properly.
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