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Barska 40070 Anyone having trouble with this telescope? We received it as a gift; there is only a single page instruction sheet that's incomplete and not easy to follow, the finderscope shows images upside down, the finderscope and eyepiece images don't correlate, etc. thanks.

Posted by mufasa101 on Mar 28, 2008

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Barska 40070 Anyone having trouble with this telescope? We received it as a gift; there is only a single page instruction sheet that's incomplete and not easy to follow, the finderscope shows images upside down, the finderscope and eyepiece images don't correlate, etc. thanks.

Yeah, I am. Bought mine on eBay and it doesn't have ANY info. I don't even know how to assemble the optics. Help? If I can assemble it I'll pass along any tips I find to make yours work
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I have the telesope Model # 40-114675 set up on the tripod. I have the finderscope attacged but get a upside down image. How do I get to see images through the telescope? What is the erecting eyepiece and reflectors? What is the red dot reference mean and how do I find it on the telescope?

Hi, If the spotter-scope is providing an inverted image - try moving it to the other side and view it from the other side.If you cannot do this - it may be designed that way. Reflector telescopes are not designed for land use. The main eyepiece for the main scope should be through the side of the end of the main scope. The red dot reference should co-incide with the area the main scope is looking at.
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Upside down images on my telescope. Bought used -no manuel. What to do?

In a refractor images are upside down as with most telescopes. You need an image erector to create a normal correct R and L and Up and Down image. It is a lens which goes in front of the eyepiece to give a correct image.
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Things are upside down looking thru the eyepiece on main telescop

If things are upside down in your telescope, you probably have a reflector has curved mirror in the sealed end.take off the cover near the finder and point in the general direction of what you want to see.Make adjustments with the stuff on the mount.If you are viewing terrestrial objects, you will need an inverting lens to correct the image.It is called a Barlow lens and is much longer than the other lenses that come with the telescope.Good Luck
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Image is upside down (inverted)

All astronomical telescopes show upside down images this is normal.You can buy an "erecting prism" to use for terrestrial viewing from many on-line retailers here is one: This will flip the image so it is not upside down.
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I purchased a Edu Science 70mm Astro-Gazer telescope for my son for Christmas and discovered that the finderscope that came with it is showing everything upside down. I returned it and the new telescope had a finderscope had the same issue. What am I missing? This does not seem normal.

Astronomical telescopes usually show an upside down image. There is a good reason for this- erecting the image needs more bits of glass in the light path, which reduces the amount of light and increases aberrations. Even if this is only slight, astronomers prefer to avoid it, and they don't really care which way up the Moon or Jupiter appear.The main scope is probably also designed this way, but many amateur scopes now come with an erecting prism or eyepiece attachment that turns the image upright. You may have fitted this and not realise that it is an add-on, and that it is un-natural for an astronomical scope to display upright images.
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Image upside down

Hi, this is a common "problem" for astronomical telescopes. Same with my Meade 3" refractor and spotter. It is actually a design 'feature' not broken.The issue is that most astronomical telescopes naturally show images upside down, or some combination of upside down and left-right. (Astronomers usually don't care, because space has no up or down.)It is just the way optics work when lenses or mirrors bounce and bend light. (And since the professional astronomer wants the most light and most direct image, they usually don't want extra devices just to make it right-side up.)Reason that binoculars don't do that , is they employ special internal prisms to get the image back right-side up.Easiest solution for astronomical telescope is to buy what is called a "star-diagonal" or "image-erector prism". These will usually make the image look normal for us earth-based folks.I do not know what exact type your Meade 227 telescope is, but the spotter scope is most likely a simple refractor. So it MAY be possible to install a star diagonal onto it. Or might not. Depends on the exact spotter scope design. Another option may be able to buy a replacement spotter scope that is designed for correcting image orientation.
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Finderscope image upside down & not focused if viewing past 100 yards

The upside down image is normal for astronomical telescopes. The finder usually is a fixed focus, but it can be altered for various eye types, by rotating the objective lens for focus - the cell should move in or out on fine threads.
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Images are upside down with the eyepiece installed

Astronomical telescopes are made this way. (There are RACI-right angle correct image) finders on the market. It just takes some getting used to.
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