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After alignmentment, scope points backwards

After aligning, any goto slew will take the scope to point to exactly the opposite direction. i could look down the optical tube through the eyepiece as a microscope i suppose. not surprisingly, it can't track either (i could live without goto).i've tried dozens of times, all kinds of combinations including power cycling, removing/replacing the batteries, etc.i do know how to align it - i've done it many times before. the only unusual thing is that this started to happen after i mistakingly left the tracking one night and the batteries ran out. ever since then, it points backwards.anyone s

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After alignmentment, scope points backwards

If you can RESET the hand controller do it-- then re-enter TIME, DATE, and SITE. Make sure you are in ALT AZ Mode and NOT Polar Mode if you do not have a wedge. This is probably the issue-- you are in POLAR MODE by
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Backwards? I removed a 10" LX200 GPS scope from the mount to transport it. I reassembled it and now it wants to over run the hard stops to the point of motor stalling (I keep the locks loose so gears aren't damaged) and the Dec seems to want to run continually. QUESTION: Is it possible to assemble the scope to the mount backwards or in such a way as to create a reversed sensing by the circuit board? Any help would be outstanding it's driving me insane. RW

Check the Autostar controller for a stuck direction key.
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Ditto Hi,I've spent alot of time setting my scope up for its first night's viewing. But every time i pointed at a star and even Jupiter the whole object was obstructed by the spider near the opening of the scope. This cost me alot of money and i've been left very frustrated. I've used it in daylight and cannot see the obstruction now. I cannot see the point of a telescope that cannot be used. Please advise.

Again the problem is you are way way way out of focus. Turn the focus knob alot, until the star image gets much much smaller. Keep going until it looks like a pin point or a star!. This is a common mistake. With my 1st scope, I aimed it M42 the Orion nebula and was amazed at the huge donut I saw! Then I turned the focus knob and to my chagrin the image got much, much smaller. The spider vane and center black dot will disappear. This black dot is actually the secondary diagonal mirror reflection in the primary mirror. The spider vanes are the secondary supports. Use the lowest power eye pieces. This scope has 2 central tube dust caps. Be sure you have removed the large cap which is almost the same diamter as the tube. I would not use the Barlow lens that comes with this scope as it very poor quality. Also, using this high power with this small an aperature (tube diamter) & unstable mount will be very difficult indeed. Invest in some wide angle, long eye relief low power lens. Use these for a while before going to higher powers. Don't expect Hubble space telescope type views or anything like pictures you have seen. Start with the moon and the major planets. Also, do not expect to see much if any color. Most objects will appear gray.
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Received used scope and know squat!

Meade's website has manuals on most of their product - since they make hundreds of styles, an exact manual may not be available - just choose one that is closest. Things are inverted and reversed, as it is an astronomical telescope, and it does not matter what the orientation is when viewing the sky. To get the images part way corrected, use the diagonal mirror before the eyepiece and look in the downward position. images will be correct in the Up/Down direction, but not left/right. That is why binoculars have 2 prisms to correct the image.
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Lost vision The telescope was working fine until I was trying to match the view through the smaller spotting scope with that of the main telescope, and suddenly I could faintly tell I was aimed at the moon by a soft glow alone, but could no longer actually see details nor the usual brightness of it. I've taken the scope apart and cleaned the lenses and mirror. I can see beautifully if I remove the eyepiece, but of course I'm just looking at the mirrors inside at that point. When I replace the eyepiece, all I can see is that very faint glow which, when focused, gives me that funky view of the inside of my own eyeball like when you get your eyes checked at the optometrist's office and they shine that bright light in your pupil. Any idea what's happened here and how I can fix it? Maybe I need a new eyepiece?

Your telescope is a "Newtonian," as such it requires regular "collimation" Collimation the alignment of the optics. The mirrors must be lined up properly for the telescope to deliver a good image to the eyepiece. Your scope sound like it is way out of collimation. My guess is that the diagonal (secondary) mirror has rotated in it's mount. There are three basic tools for collimating a Newtonian the Sight Tube, Cheshire and Autocollimator. To get your digonal aligned correctly you need a sight tube. Rather than spend a lot on these consider making your own and keep an eye on eBay offerings. Don't bother investing in a laser collimator, they simply don't do the job unless you go for the very best. From some help with the collimation process check these links. The 60 page pamphlet "New Perspectives on Newtonian Collimation," Fourth Edition by Vic Menard and Tippy D’Auria runs $10, but if you really want to do it right it's worth the money. HTH, George
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Instructions Manual Hi, Someone recently gave me their Bushnell Telescope but they could not find the manual that it came with. At the end of the telescope there appears to be a lense cover that unscrews but when I unscrewed it the reflecting mirror was attached. Is there somewhere I can download the owners manual (I have searched for one to no avail) or can you tell me how to view through this scope? I have general telescope knowledge yet this has me baffeled. Thanks for any help or direction you can point me in.

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How to realign a permanent base for a 16'' Meade LX200 Telescope

You will not need the GPS to work once you are polar aligned, especially if you use the PARK feature before you turn it off.If the base can be rotated to within 1 or 2 degrees of true North you can use the RA adjustments on the wedge to compensate for the error. Is this a commercial wedge or one that someone welded together from steel? If it is commercial it should have RA adjustments. BUT, you will still need to get near true North or you will not have enough adjustment to correct the final few degrees of error. If you can point the scope at Polaris you will be within "range" of the possible wedge adjustment.This may help you: see step #2 see #8 this helps you.
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The bottom end of telescope broken

Buy another telescope. If the mirror is broken, a new mirror will cost more than what you paid for the entire telescope.
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Problem with Celestron Starseeker 100mm refractor

Could be several different mechanical or electronic issues with the scope. From a dirty encoder disk inside to a bad motor clutch.Best to return it to Celestron for repair.
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I have an LX200 10" with apparent drive issues. Vertical drive speed seems locked on maximum speed. When auto align is selected the scope moves in all the right directions but vertical moves are at top speed. When alignment stars are selected, it moves normally in Horizontal mode, but points straight up (rapidly) in the vertical mode. This requires shut off to keep from damaging the drive gears. Manual alignment is nearly impossible due to the high speed of the scope in vertical mode when using the handbox. Any ideas?

You might want to start saving money to buy another or leave it alone.
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