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Focussing I have no manual and cannot seem to find the correct lense to use and get the scope to focus

Posted by stegima on Apr 07, 2008

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Focussing I have no manual and cannot seem to find the correct lense to use and get the scope to focus

All of Tasco's manuals are on this web site- the eyepiece with the largest number written on it into the focuser-- do not use the 2x barlow if you have one. Practice focusing with this eyepiece during the day time on a distant object like a telephone pole or a
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We had the 20mm eye piece in and we turned the focus all the way clockwise so the eye piece was all the way in. We had the cover off, we had a very clear starry night, we live in the country, moved the scope around for 20 minutes, trying to find any star, and could not see anything...did we do something wrong? When you are looking through the star finder with the LED, so you psotion your head behind the scope barrel and try to put the star in the LED or do you 6" away or where, because as I moved my head, the site changed. By using the scope in the daylight, looking at an object and focusing it in, how does that correspond to us being able to use it at night? We are excited to use this, but are frustrated .... thanks for your help.

First find a local Astronomy club -- the members will help you.Second, you must first align the red dot finder with the main tube-- there are knobs on the side and bottom (usually) to move the red dot. Point the scope at the top of a telephone pole in the distance during the day time-- wget the top in the center of the eyepiece of the main tube. Without moving the main tube adjust the red dot so it points at the exact same spot.Turning it all the way in or out is NOT how you focus-- there is a small "spot" when the eyepiece is in focus, and every other eyepiece must be refocused. Turn the knob slowly until the star or the moon comes to sharp focus.Read my tips on my profile page.
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Hi i can use the focus scope to focus but the eyepiece lenses are still blury This is my first telescope and i want to star and planet watch with it. I can see and focus the focus scope but upon looking into eyepiece with barlow lense with h20mm attach it is fuzzy and blury cannot see anything thankyou

Don't use the barlow - it's too much magnification for such a small telescope.
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Does my telescope needs acounter weight to keep it still even when the motor is off?

Hi.I have the same problem.I bought a few 1oz magnets and place them under the tube at the bottom by the mirror. They counter ballance the real eyepieces. Depending what I put in the focuser tube determines how many magnets. Better yet,dump that junk if you can.I hope to. Gerry
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My son has had this telescope for several years and used it little (sent by grand parents but not his interest--splendid telescope). Now, I would like to pack it up (we have the packing) and send it to my brothers son, my nephew, who is going -on 12. We have searched and searched and cannot find the CD for it. We parents would like to try it once more before we pass it on, and need directions, plus I should give that info with the scope. Can we down-load replacment info as would have been on the cd? or get a replacement cd? or get a paper copy of info--or something? Please respond to [email protected] Thank you, Betsy

This website may have the instructions for you
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I've just purchased a used TAL 1 telescope complete with eyepieces and Barlow lens. However I can only get objects into focus by moving the focuser to it's limit and then physically lifting the eyepieces part-way out of the eyepiece holder. I don't think this is a collimating problem and my searches on the internet turned up a possible cure - a focuser extension tube (11/4"). Your assistance will be appreciated.

Yes, the "back focus" is too short. That extension should work.
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Lost vision The telescope was working fine until I was trying to match the view through the smaller spotting scope with that of the main telescope, and suddenly I could faintly tell I was aimed at the moon by a soft glow alone, but could no longer actually see details nor the usual brightness of it. I've taken the scope apart and cleaned the lenses and mirror. I can see beautifully if I remove the eyepiece, but of course I'm just looking at the mirrors inside at that point. When I replace the eyepiece, all I can see is that very faint glow which, when focused, gives me that funky view of the inside of my own eyeball like when you get your eyes checked at the optometrist's office and they shine that bright light in your pupil. Any idea what's happened here and how I can fix it? Maybe I need a new eyepiece?

Your telescope is a "Newtonian," as such it requires regular "collimation" Collimation the alignment of the optics. The mirrors must be lined up properly for the telescope to deliver a good image to the eyepiece. Your scope sound like it is way out of collimation. My guess is that the diagonal (secondary) mirror has rotated in it's mount. There are three basic tools for collimating a Newtonian the Sight Tube, Cheshire and Autocollimator. To get your digonal aligned correctly you need a sight tube. Rather than spend a lot on these consider making your own and keep an eye on eBay offerings. Don't bother investing in a laser collimator, they simply don't do the job unless you go for the very best. From some help with the collimation process check these links. The 60 page pamphlet "New Perspectives on Newtonian Collimation," Fourth Edition by Vic Menard and Tippy D’Auria runs $10, but if you really want to do it right it's worth the money. HTH, George
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Cannot focus a Meade Refractor "Electronic Digital" series

All of Meade's manuals are listed here-- it outside during the day time-- put the eyepiece with the LARGEST number written on it into the telescope--- this is the LOWEST magnification.Point it at a distant object and practice focusing-- the moon should be your first night time object.
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Carson JC-Skyseeker telescope

Practice focusing during the Day Time on a distant object-- use the eyepiece with the largest number written on it and do NOT use the 2x barlow if you have one-- just the eyepiece.Turn the focus knob until the distant object comes into focus. Objects in the night sky are TINY and your scope must be pointed right at them-- the moon which is a large target should be your first night time
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