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How do you use the red dot finder? and when I look throught the format eyepiece everything is upside down.... Thank you Stacie

Posted by sarellano02 on Apr 13, 2008

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... Do NOT use an inward lens cap! If you do, ... Move the ring round so the red dot is ... in 1964 experienced professionals and amateurs would look down their ...
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... Advanced Media Product Guide 2013 ... If you need extra focal points you can use the included Z-Finder ... the Jib can also be mounted upside down.
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How do you use the red dot finder? and when I look throught the format eyepiece everything is upside down.... Thank you Stacie

Astronomical telescopes show all objects upside down and reversed-- this is not a problem; there is no up or down in space.The red dot finder helps you point the telescope-- focus on a distant object and center it in the eyepiece.Without moving the telescope -- adjust the red dot onto the object. Now you can use the finder to locate objects.
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Hi, Inherited a North Star Bushnell telescope. No instruction manual. I downloaded that. The little corded thing works but the motor doesn't seem to be working to turn the telescope in the right direction. There is one 9 volt battery installed near the remote thing. Do I need more batteries for the motor? If so, where do they go? Also, (I feel really stupid) why is everything upside down when I look through the eyepiece? One more stupid question....I know the mirror is at one end, at the other end is a small cap in the center of the large cap. Do I only remove the small cap or do I take off the whole big cap when I want to use the telescope? One more not stupid question. Can I buy a case that is specifically for this telescope, if so where? Thank you, Teresa

I don't know about the motor on this scope.Astronomical telescopes usually show an upside down image. There is a good reason for this- erecting the image needs more bits of glass in the light path, which reduces the amount of light and increases aberrations. Even if this is only slight, astronomers prefer to avoid it, and they don't really care which way up the Moon or Jupiter appear. It is possible to fit an erecting prism or eyepiece to most astronomical telescopes, and some of them come with one.You remove the whole large cap to use the telescope.I don't know about cases for this scope. I just leave my scope set up in the corner of the dining room.
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I just acquired a Tasco #911TR telescope at an auction. It appears to be complete. I have placed an "eyepiece" in the focus tube and although everything is very clear, why is everything upside down. Is this a dumb question?? A Real Beginner

All astronomical telescopes have upside down images-- it's normal nothing is wrong.No up or down in space. Read my tips on my profile page.
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We are trying to test out viewing land based objects using the 30X eyepiece, which according to the instructions, should appear right side up and not upside down! This is not happening.

It's NOT really a problem. ALL reflector style telescopes show upside down images. This will not affect your star gazing since there is no UP OR DOWN in outer space. Read my tips on my profile page.You can buy an "erecting diagonal" for terrestrial viewing- BUT this is not what an astronomical telescope is actually used for. So align the small finder scope on a distant object like the top of a telescope pole during the day time. Point the main tube at the pole and get the tip top in the main tube's eyepiece. Without moving the telescope adjust the crosshairs on the finder scope on the exact same spot. The moon should be your first target at night and you can check and refine the finder scope on the moon.
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I have the telesope Model # 40-114675 set up on the tripod. I have the finderscope attacged but get a upside down image. How do I get to see images through the telescope? What is the erecting eyepiece and reflectors? What is the red dot reference mean and how do I find it on the telescope?

Hi, If the spotter-scope is providing an inverted image - try moving it to the other side and view it from the other side.If you cannot do this - it may be designed that way. Reflector telescopes are not designed for land use. The main eyepiece for the main scope should be through the side of the end of the main scope. The red dot reference should co-incide with the area the main scope is looking at.
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The Red Dot finde scope on my 78-8831 doesn't look like depicted in the user manual for this telescope. It looks like on the picture for 78-8840. Oh, by the way, the user manual is just about the worst published manual I have ever seen. Can't Bushnell hire people that know what the user manual is for? Absolutely no descriptions about the Finderscope or the Format Eyepiece. No Parts List. This is pathetic. Is there a need to say more?

Bushnell is NOT known for their quality telescopes. Sorry.The red dot finder must be aligned with the main tube, you can do this during the daytime.Focus on a distant object using the telescope like the top of a telephone pole. Without moving the telescope, adjust the red dot so it falls on the exact same object.This may help you also:
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Everything is upside down? - Vivitar (1607225) Telescope

All astronomical telescopes show upside down images. It's normal nothing is wrong with the scope.Read my tips on my profile page-- especially the Frequently Asked Questions TIP.
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When viewing everything is upside down.

Yes, all astronomical telescopes show images upside down. There is no up or down in space.
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I CANT SEE OUT OF THE TELESCOPE AT ALL - Bushnell 3" Reflector Telescope 60% OFF w/ Land Eyepiece, Red Dot Finderscope, Tripod FREE UPS

Put the eyepiece with the largest number written on it into the focuser. DO NOT USE the 2x barlow if you have one. Take the scope outside during the day time and practice focusing on a distant object like a building or telephone pole.
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Things are upside down looking thru the eyepiece on main telescop

If things are upside down in your telescope, you probably have a reflector has curved mirror in the sealed end.take off the cover near the finder and point in the general direction of what you want to see.Make adjustments with the stuff on the mount.If you are viewing terrestrial objects, you will need an inverting lens to correct the image.It is called a Barlow lens and is much longer than the other lenses that come with the telescope.Good Luck
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