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Manual We bought a telescope (an edu-science) looks like the star-tracker one at a garage sale. It did not have any instructions or anything with it. We can see out of it but everything is upside down. I would like to get a manual or help figuring it out.

Posted by corrina on Apr 14, 2008

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Manual We bought a telescope (an edu-science) looks like the star-tracker one at a garage sale. It did not have any instructions or anything with it. We can see out of it but everything is upside down. I would like to get a manual or help figuring it out.

You don't need a manual.Upside down view through the telescope is normal. The scope is primarily for astronomical use and the concept of "up and down" is null in space. If you want to use it for terrestrial viewing, you'll need an erecting eyepiece witch will correct up and down and left and right.
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Just black Hi I just recently bought a Meade ds-2114ats-tc and I tried to use it last night with the kids, unfortunaltey after we set up the telescope all we could see was black. Yes we did make sure that the lens cap was off and that there was nothing blocking anything, we also tried setting it up in a couple of different spots in the back yard where we were close to a light source and also away from a light source. Basically everything I tried did not work but I am new to this so I could be doing something wrong still. I tried to manually look at the brightest star in the sky and still nothing....just black. Could I be setting this up in an area where there in either not enough light getting in or to much? This is my first time using a telescope so I don't even really know if I should be setting this up in the complete dark area or with a light source around like a backyard light for example. I am extremely confused please help.

I just got one of these today and they are different. My guess is you are having a focusing problem rather than alignment. Assuming of course you are removing the larger dustcap and not just the smaller one ha ha ha. The instructions include how to align but maybe you can use this Mine has two dustcaps, one full size with a smaller one in its center. Had the smaller one been offset it could have been used as an aperture stop to reduce thermal effects on bright objects such as Jupiter and the Moon. Another thing is a built in barlow within the focuser draw tube. This inreases the focal ratio of "f" number and makes align far more trickier than if it had been a straight Newtonian. Set-up the scope under and point at the bright blue sky in the day time. Pull off the small center dust cover and make sure the diagonal holder is centered under the small hole in the larger dust cover. If not that can be accomplished by adjusting the three thumb nuts on the front edge of the tube. Once this is done remove the larger dust cover and peer into the focuser from the side with the eyepiece removed. You should see blue sky and all the components should be centered. One can judge fairly well that their eye is centered but a simple trick is to draw an eyepiece sized circle on a piece of paper and using a pick or pencil, poke a small hole dead center on the circle. Place the circle centered over the draw tube and peer through that. No other tool will improve on the accuracy of this almost free and simple one. Now moving your eye closer to the focuser you should see the reflection of your own eye or in this case the hole in the center of the paper. The paper reflects and transmits enough light that it provides a bright enough targert to canter. Now you must experiment to determine which component is mis-alighned and what adjustment is required to correct. Try flexing each componet before loosening any adjustment screws.This will give you an idea of which component and in which manner it needs to move. Now my guess is, while you have some mis-alignment the almost f:9 focal ratio makes the image extra dark and so contrasty that if you are out of focus all you will see is dark. With your 28mm eyepiece, now point the scope at a daylight scene some distance away and bring the image to a focus. Note hoe far your draw tube is extended so you will be in that neighbohood come night time. I suspect this was your problem more than mis-alignment.
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Go on google
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Just got an edu science reflector telescope 672 handed down to me and it has been opened but never really used. i have never had any such creature but would truly like to be able to enjoy it. the thing is i have no instructions at all and have no idea how to set it up or see anything through it! LOL does anyone have a manual or maybe some simple instructions? tried setting it up but with all the lenses and scope? i have no clue what i am doing.

These are sold by Toys R US. Good luck with the scope, but it is one of the ones with many bad reports.You will not find a manual for that REFLECTOR. However they all assemble and are used in a similar fashion.Meade has all of their manuals on the web site listed below. Look under the 4.5 inch REFLECTOR header for one that is similar to your telescope; and read my TIPS on my profile page.
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I have a Tasco Luminova 40-114675 and i cant figure it out. I bought it at a garage sale and it didnt come with a manual and i dont know how to use it. i cant see anything out of it

You can get a manual on this web site: is a reflector style telescope. with mirrors-- probably on an equatorial mount which needs to be polar aligned in order to be used. Read this:
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Meade LX200GPS 8" won't initialize on power up.

Try doing either a garbage collect or a safe load-- and then reinstall the hand controller firmware-- Instructions-- depending on the type of controller Autostar 495 or 497: You enter Safe Mode by holding the [enter] and[scroll down] keys pressed when you power up the telescope. TheAutostar will say "Flash Load Ready"... now go start the ASU.Autostar II: if you need to use Safe Mode to recover from a disaster,turn on the telescope, and key 999 before it says "Initializing"The Autostar will say "Flash Load Ready"... now go start the ASU.LX200gps: BEFORE proceeding further, click on the OPTIONS item on the Top Bar. Now click on "Garbage Collect Hbx" ... this will perform data cleanup within the Autostar which will avoid potential mess-ups.
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Received used scope and know squat!

Meade's website has manuals on most of their product - since they make hundreds of styles, an exact manual may not be available - just choose one that is closest. Things are inverted and reversed, as it is an astronomical telescope, and it does not matter what the orientation is when viewing the sky. To get the images part way corrected, use the diagonal mirror before the eyepiece and look in the downward position. images will be correct in the Up/Down direction, but not left/right. That is why binoculars have 2 prisms to correct the image.
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Poor viewing I have a 10" lx200 gps, and I can't see things like detail on mars or jupiter, I can see the rings on saturn, but not the cassini division, When I do the collimation test as described in the manual I see the dark black circle (secondary mirror) and a wide bright bigger circle caused by the star, this light is solid and is the same distance in each direction, not the lines that they show in the manual. any ideas John

You don't state if the collimation is a plain view through the back plate at the sky, or with an evepiece. The description that you gave suggests that that is a view through the telescope back without an eyepiece. The images in the Meade manual are at high power (200x) on either side of focus. What you want to see is circular rings around a star on either side of the best focus point. If the rings are not concentric, then the collimation is off. Other factors can affect the clairity of the image, such as dirt on the optics (need to be really bad to affect the image), or you may be using a poor quality eyepiece.
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Cannot see anything.

In addition.... you can download the complete manual immediately here : cheers
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