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I cant see clearly in my telescope not matter how much i adjust the focus lines

Vivitar telescope 50x/100 with tripod

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All about scopes. Part 1. (January 2005) - Pyramyd Air

All about scopes. Part 1. ... you may not be able to see the thinner lines at all, ... adjust the focus ring until it sharpens as much as possible.
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bergerHow To Use Builder’s Transits ... ing jobs clearly diagrammed and explained in this ... When you look into the telescope, you see cross hairs like
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Hello there, my name is Paul and I had just recently purchased the Vivitar Refractor Telescope 60X/120X with Tripod. I have assembled everything correctly, however I have tried to view the moon, but I cannot see a sing thing. All I see is a blurry light and the lens is not focused at all no matter how many times I adjusted it. If you could please help in seeing clearly I'd appreciate it very much. Thank you.

This is one of the worst telescopes you could have purchased. Plastic eyepieces and a plastic focuser! We receive many complaints about not being able to focus. Try again--- next time buy one of these which is the best value in amateur astronomy.
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Carson JC-Skyseeker telescope

Practice focusing during the Day Time on a distant object-- use the eyepiece with the largest number written on it and do NOT use the 2x barlow if you have one-- just the eyepiece.Turn the focus knob until the distant object comes into focus. Objects in the night sky are TINY and your scope must be pointed right at them-- the moon which is a large target should be your first night time
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I cant see clearly in my telescope not matter how much i adjust the focus lines

If it is a focused image but hazy or foggy, you have to clean the optics in your telescope. If you have a focus problem but a clean image, then you are having travel limitations of your focus equipment usually rack and pinion. Wearing eyeglasses can also effect that mechanical problem and so does other added components like "Barlow Lenses" that are used to double or triple eyepiece magnifications. You might also have the lenses in the optical system not in the right order or direction when it was taken apart.
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I can not get the telescope to focus. The viewfinder will not focus in. and can't see anything out of the out of the optical tube.

This type of telescope is viewed from the small tube at the rear. Use the longest lens you have. Most people think that they need magnification, but that is not accurate. A 5 mm lens will only have 1/6th the field of view (how much sky you see) compared to a 30 mm. The picture below was taken through a 50 mm lens.
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I have a red laser on a .223 that also has a holographic sight. I cannot see the red laser past about 15yds in daylight (I have a green laser, but do not want to use it because it provides a clear trail to my gun location at night). I want to sight the red laser in at 25-100 yds for nightime use. I do not have anywhere I can shoot at night in order to adjust the laser to a 25-100 yard zero. Can I preadjust the holographic sight to a 25-100 yd range in the daytime, then adjust the red laser to come into line with the preset holographic sight on a 100yd target at night (when the laser is clearly visible) and have an accurate laser setting?

I think you are asking, if you are sighted in (holographic) can you then adjust the laser to that point of aim and then rely on the laser to be "ON TARGET" at a usable distance, the answer is yes. But if you can sight in at 15 yards using the laser. adjust you shots hi ( You aim your laser low, so your shots will be above your point of aim 1 inch) with this shot placement you should be on at 100 to 115 yards.If you can be very precise at 15 - 20 yards you should be very close out at 100. Hope this helps Fix Ya up.
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Jessops 600-50 Junior Astronomical Telescope instructions

Try not looking so closely into the eye piece. back off a few inches so the moon is completely in view.
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Can't focus my telescope

If there is nothing on the objective lenses or eyepiece lenses then it most likely needs collimation. This is where you adjust the secondary mirror while viewing an out of focus star. You need stable sky conditions to do this.There are most likely three small screws at the front of the telescope and these are what you use to adjust it. As one screw is loosened then another is tightened. Do this in very small increments. If you have your manual it should outline how to perform this. If not go to this web site: It will show examples of how objects look both in and out of collimation. There is a section further down the page for SCTs.A very handy tool for this is to replace your screws with Bob's Knobs ( . These replace the screws and allow you to adjust it by hand instead of a screwdriver.The other focusing problem I've experience with my Celestron SCT is to have the focus knob loosen up and then slip as I turned it so that I could never focus with it.Good luck and clear skies!-jodair
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When looking thru any eyepiece, all I see is a blur-no matter the focusing adjustment. It's like looking into a fog. Yes, the front cover has been removed. This is driving me nuts. I have followed the setup directions to the letter-3 times and even got my adult son to do it to make sure I wasn't missing something.

This is a nice scope.1. without an eyepiece, look into the eyepiece holder. You should see the secondary mirror and the reflection of the primary mirror in the secondary. If not, carefully align the secondary by either rotating the spider or GENTLY aligning the secondary screws (see collimating the scope in your instruction manual)2. During the day, point the telescope to an object about 100 yards away, use the lowest power eyepiece (highest number) and see if you can focus on the object.
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I am able to see with the 20m Lens but once i insert the 5mm Lens it looses focus and i cannot see anything, i tried adjusting the focus again with no success. The worst thing that even at day light i cannot focus the 5mm lens on any far object. Is this a problem with the lens or the focus adjuster?

That's because the 5 mm is too much magnification for your small telescope. Maximum magnification is a function of APERTURE. Which is how big is the front lens or the mirror.Your scope has about a 2 inch aperture, so the maximum posiible magnification is about 100 power (if it is like the one in the picture above)50 times aperture (2 inches)-- 100 powerIt will only achieve 50 times if the optics are perfect and the sky is very transparent and stable. Usually only 30-40 times is all you normally get.
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4.5 inch reflector telescope --can't see anything

Try pointing it at the moon first-- with the 20mm and practice focusing it. The moon is up just after dark right now.
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