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MEADE ETX80AT-BB HI my name is roger my problem is the flip mirror in my scope is damaged i left the scope in the case to long in my closet the coating on the glass is damaged my question is how do i get the mirror out &if i can't can i turn it into a reflective type scope. hope you can get a solution for me thank's

Posted by rogg on Apr 20, 2008

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MEADE ETX80AT-BB HI my name is roger my problem is the flip mirror in my scope is damaged i left the scope in the case to long in my closet the coating on the glass is damaged my question is how do i get the mirror out &if i can't can i turn it into a reflective type scope. hope you can get a solution for me thank's

The ETX 80 is very difficult to work on. Getting at the flip mirror requires an almost complete teardown of the telescope and its mount. If you are not experienced at repairing the ETX scopes I would not advise trying this youself. I doubt that leaving the scope in the case too long is the cause of the coating damage. It takes years for fungus to really destroy coatings. I have seen newer Meade mirrors losing their coatings prematurely and feel this is a manufacturing defect. If the scope is in warranty it should go back to Meade. If not I'd have my dealer look at it and see if Meae will make an adjustment on it.
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Meade LX200R 12" Mirror Lock

The 'lock' is a ring gear that closes a ferrul against the draw tube to restrict its motion. It is not intended to be a hard lock. Try the Meade Advanced Users Group for further tips.
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Optical mirror detached - Meade ETX-90EC Telescope

Your best bet is to ship it back to Meade for repair. they may not look it but there are very close tolerances that have to be achieved and takes certain tools for alignment.
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Here?s my problem : My scope model is LX200R 14?. I?ve pulled the focuser shaft out of the focuser arm pin. I?ve turned the locking lock knob several turns before putting back the focuser shaft. I noticed that the primary mirror cell turned together with the lock gear when I turned the locking knob ! (Is this normal ?) Afterward I tried to hook the crosshole in the focuser screw over the focus rod again. Here comes my problem: the focus arm/rod is not aligned to the center of the focuser opening at the back plate of the scope! So I have to tilt the focuser shaft in order to hook the crosshole over the focus rod. At that skewed position, I can never reattach the focuser assembly to the back plate! I?ve tried to rotate the primary mirror cell and thus the focuser arm, but it comes to a STOP, short of the center position I desire. I?ve also tried to turn the primary mirror cell a full circle : by 360deg and see if the focuser rod would come to the center position : but no, it comes to a STOP, this time even more short of the center position. I am now scared : why the focuser arm pin has come off its original position ? Why there is a STOP preventing me to position the focuser arm pin back to its original center position ??? Can I ever hook the crosshole back over the focus rod and reattach the focuser assembly again ? Regards, Stewart

Steward, this is Joe Lalumia-- I have seen your post on various forums. The 14 inch is different from the other smaller LX200 scopes. Probably Dr. Clay, and or Andrew on the Yahoo Group LX200 forum will know the answer because they service these scopes.Post a message there (register for free) and one of them will answer you about that very nice scope.Clear Skies! Joe
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GoTo Problem Please Help... im and going crazy!!! I have a Celestron Nextstar SLT 130 GoTo scope and love the pictures it produces but cant get it to GoTo very well. It dose the three star alignment, 1 star alignment and solar alignment fine and have no problems with alignment, level the scope well and set the time to nearly the second. Once aligned and i start to move the scope around the night sky, if i try to ask the socpe to slew back to a star, even an alignment satr, it goes in the general direction but doesn't bring the star into the view field and is off by a significant amount. I have tried centering the star in the view and then asking the scope to find that star and it goes out of the view by the same amount every time. Im goging crazy. I thought it was a motor problem and swaped the scope at the store but the new one is exactly the same. I just dont know what is wrong. Im in the southern skies and only reviews is for the northern, dont know if this matters. Any help would be fantastic. Just cant get it to slew to any objests correctly!

Be sure that the telescope is configured for EQ SOUTH mode to tell it is in the southern hemisphere. Once a star alignment is completed NEVER manually move the telescope. Use only the control panel to slew. Everytime the telescope is move by hand, the motors do not know it has been done, and assume it is still pointing at the old direction. Check the manual for setup.Here:
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I cannot get my finderscope red dot to lineup with my main scope ,its a SKP13065EQ2 .it will not lineup , i did send SKYWATCH a e-mail and that was almost 2 mths ago .i did line up the main scope like it said in the master book ,on page 11 (using the red dot finder) and i got as far as number 3 ,then it all went out the window,i could not get to number 4.i tryed to turn both the AZIMUTH and ALTITUDE to bring it in line and it will not do as it says in the book.i looked in the main to make sure it was in line with to object(it was) but the dot was not.i went to the FULL max on both and still no joy.i did find that the finder 'when you add the finder and screwin to lock it moves about 2-4 mm to the left.with this i worked out it was about 1and a half-2 inchs off.i was thinking of drilling another hole or mark it to see if i can get it to line up the right way.i do not want to spend £200 and keep looking from the back to line up the scope all the time .don't get me wrong i love the scope i got but its a pain in the *** when something will not go right. any help on this and how to fixit

Can you return the red dot finder? It's apparently broken.These can be purchased (not too very expensive)here:
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I have a BSA sweet 17, 2X7X35 all The black paint on the Tube has turned really sticky, when you touch the scope the paint gets all over your hand.

Yep totally agree and BSA will do nothing for us either I have 3 of them all have done it too
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We shot the rifle today and the illuminated crosshairs turned on by themselves. We could not get them to turn off unless we took out the battery. After a few minutes we put the battery back in and the light was off. when we turned it back to zero the light came back on. When u tap the scope the light will turn off and on

The switch is broken,,if you dont really need the light on just leave the battery out
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I have a Tasco Silver Antler 4x rifle scope mounted on a .22. When trying to get it sited in, I get it close to where I want, and then the adjustments seem to reverse, ie. if I turn the elevation knob in the direction that has been raising the point of impact, it suddenly starts lowering the impact. I suspect that the shop that installed the scope did so in a manner that has up against the stops for adjustments. How do I center the reticle in the scope, so I can remount it and have the maximum amount of adjustment available.

I would like to help but dont understand the question is it possible to send a foto close up of the scope
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Damaged scopes How do I return damaged scopes to be repaired? I like your products and have been using them for about 25 years.However, it has gotten difficult to find anyone that can assist me on getting some scopes repaired. Thanks for your help!

Contact Cecil Tucker in Odessa,TX 1-915-368-0630 If he won't or can't fix it for you (he gets alot of target scope business) at a reasonable price, he can tell you who will.
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