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Hunting sighting in redfield scope

Posted by studna on Apr 21, 2008

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Redfield Optics - Official Site

Spotting Scopes Starting at $230 MSRP. Big time performance at a hunter friendly price. ... For more than 100 years, Redfield has built an American hunting legacy.
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Find redfield sight from a vast selection of Hunting Scopes Optics and Lasers. Get great deals on eBay! : Champion Redfield Style Precision Sight-In ...

... Champion Redfield Style Precision Sight-In Target (Pack of 100) : Hunting ... Champion Redfield style precision sight in ... an MOA scope - makes sighting in ...

Redfield Revolution Riflescopes

REVOLUTION®: BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. SHOOT WITH CONFIDENCE. Sure, you could blow a wad of cash on a fancy hunting scope, but why would you? With its rock-solid build ...
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Oct 20, 2010 · A quick overview of the 2010 Redfield Revolution Riflescope. ... Redfield Scope Review by Leupold ... A terrific rifle scope for a hunting or defense rifle.

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Jun 19, 2012 · Redfield Revolution with Accu Range Reticle MyHollowpoint. ... A terrific rifle scope for a hunting or defense rifle. ... Redfield Scope Review by Leupold ...

Redfield Revenge Rifle Scope Review - Hunting Optics

Redfield Revenge Rifle Scope ... power for most hunting. The scope is available with the Accu-Ranger ... to start the process of sighting in the scope.
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American Hunter | Redfield Revenge 3x-9x-42mm

Redfield Revenge 3x-9x-42mm. by Keith Wood ... Matte- and silver-finished scopes are available with standard 4-Plex as well ... I had no problem quickly sighting it ...
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Redfield Scopes | History, Models, Features

Redfield scopes are embarking on a new generation of hunting optic innovations. ... John Redfield started the Redfield Gun Sight Company in 1909.
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Two Sighting Systems in One Compact Scope - Sportsman's News

Two Sighting Systems in One Compact Scope. ... 2-7x34mm is the perfect scope for hunting small game and ... is the Redfield CounterStrike™ Red Dot Sight, ...
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I have a 25 year old Redfield 6X18 scope, with an

Bullet drop compensation,,,,compleat hog wash! no such thing in a scope, only a realy pricy one like £1500.00p worth and there not that good! but there coming soon! driven by a lazer for range finding,,, still your scope has clouded up becouse its leaking water has got into it, it could be repaired but its not cheap to do, it needs a complet strip down all the class cleand and new seals then a re-gas and it should be as good as new for another 25 years or so, any good scope with mill dot will work for you, you just need to relurn the bullet drop over again,,and with the years of shooting you have had that should come easy as falling over,,,why not just get a good prised 3/9x40 mill dot and try that out insted, you will be plesently pleased with todays mid priced range scopes treet your self, and save money at the same time
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Shim the rear base.
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Umm ok im new to sighting scopes i usally dont use scops for deer hunting but this year i am shooting up to around 100-450 yards...well i can sight one in but how do i shoot at a deer at farther ranges like do i like dial the power up or whatits an older bushnell but its a good scope its got dials that go upto 500 yards and it 9x somthing

Learn your round, the key to long shots are in the bullets you chose. How much drop out to 400 yards. Shooting a 22 LR at 100 yards will teach you how to factor in for bullet drop. Most 22's will drop 6-8 inches out at 100 yards, then you have to deal with the wind, pratice with a good 22. Now on to your scope, if you have say, a 30-06 sight it in at 4x dead on to 125 yards. you will be high at 60 - 75 yards and low at 200 yards. Sight it dead on at 150 you will shoot high at 100 yards. so on so no. Best is dead on at 150., w/4x. Leave it a 4 power till you need more. Now turning up the power will move the point of impact a bit you have to learn how much by doing (pratice), shoot out there to see what she does, and then you know. Then you have to deal with a cold gun, she will shoot different cold. The key to a good clean kill is to know your gun and how she shoots, where, when, cold, hot, wet, dry. Low light, bright light even will make a difference how you see the cross hairs where on the target. Next, your cross hairs have a built in range finder, they have a wide line that tapers down to fine, this is a good way to tell how far away something is get a paper plate and paint it red. put it out at 100 yards that is a good kill zone for a good sized deer. Look at the plate through the scope and judge your spot for 100 yards. 4x, 6x, 9x. you then can guess your distance to deer by looking at the cross hairs step down. Deer chest is ruff the same size as the plate. Good hunting, I want to see a picture of all you take this year.
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I have had this scope for about 15 years and have always been happy,However I am going on a hunt soon so I went shooting. I could not even hit paper. So I went home bore sighted it went out again & was about way off maybe 2' right & 1' low.So I tryed bore sighting it again way high to the right. Mved to 25 yards from 100 on the paper about 3" right moved to 100 yards off the paper.So then I was out of bullets.What next I am worried about the scope. Dan

Were your mounts tight? I have had this happen to cause this to happen? By Mounts I mean ALL the mounts, every screw.... Also I have had a Reticle go awry INSIDE a scope and every time you shot, it changed its point of shot. What I used to do, was Bore sight it with a little $2 laser pointer.. for about 25 yards, put the spot on the card and wind my cross-hair reticle onto the spot... Now it simply MUST be "On" well to at least 25 yards, then i go to the range and let one fly at 50 yards and adjust the reticle again moving the reticle to the bullet's impact point. Try a group of 3 - 5, getting it perfect and then move out to 100 yards, doing the all the same things. Usually I make the gun shoot about 1" to 11/2" ABOVE the Cross Hairs, at 100 yards, this then, well with a lot of guns puts it dead on again at about 300 to 350 yards. and if you can reach out an tag to 400 - 500 yards it will be an inch or so LOWER than the aiming point, I have always found this pretty satisfactory for all my hunting conditions, from 25 yards right out to 500 yards, Oh, I always like to have all my shots at least within one minute of an angle, at 100 yards...But don't be too fanatical as remember most times usually you have a 30 - 30" Chest target, and generally anything in the "Boiler room" will give you your trophy or a feed. Now if you like head shots.. well thats another story.
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Adjusting Range on Redfield Scope

There should be a set screw or screw that you can loosen to make that adjustment. Once you have it where you like it, just tighten it back up and enjoy you ability to make those quick adjustments when needed.
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Can a novice install a Redfield base and rings?

Problem solved. Redfield had all the size information I needed and mounting the base was a breeze.
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I purchased a Fujinon 3.5-10X50 rifle scope a few years ago and mounted it on a Remington 7 MM Mag. I am unable to pull a group less than 12 inches at 200 yards and have not been able too since installing the new scope. I removed the scope and replaced with a Redfield 6X40 fixed and I am now able to shoot 2 inch groups. I never reinsatlled the Fujinon but would like to send the Fujinon scope in for repair so I can install it on a different rifle and begin using it. I really like the Fujinon optical clearity and would like to start using it again.

It is most likely the mounts not the scope. I would just install it on the new gun and check it there. Most times a scope that wanders is the mounts. One thing with big scope is they need to be tight or the recoil will move it in the mounts. Next due to being tight when the gun heats up it can and will tweak the scope in the mounts enough to move your center. Try it in your other gun, try 3 shot groups and let the gun cool. Recheck your center. If it is good with a cold gun all is well. If it moves from one day to the next it is the mounts. If you count the clicks to recenter, come back the next day and move it the same clicks, it is the mounts. If it is all over the place, day after day it is the scope.
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Can't adjust a Redfield Rangefinder scope

Found this info on another site a while back and saved it. Hope it helps! "the two lines across the top in your scope represents 18" which is the standard size for the deer's body from the top of his back to the bottom of his stomach. If you see a deer feeding in a field and you want to know how for he is, you turn your power up till the top of the deer and his stomach fit between the two lines at the top in your scope. You thenlook at the scale at the bottom of your scope and it will tell you how far he is in yards."
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Tasco 6x24x42 cosistancey issues afield.

I bought a 6x24 Tasco (Japanese), maybe 22-25 yrs ago, its on an old 222 Sako. We ( my wife and I) have won many many contests shooting house fly targets at a 100 yds. I bought another Tasco same size for a 22 rimfire ( 50 yd Contest) and it is just junk and Chinese Junk btw. Take it and put it in a gun vise and aim it at a bulls eye at 100yd. While looking through the scope move the crosshairs 6" to the right, now 6" up, now 6" left and last move it 6" down. Did it track back to the bullseye. If not you know what the answer is,,, the internal workings are faulty and it just junk. Tapping is a good idea, sometimes, but do not tape anything while doing this test.
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