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Actually, its NOT about an LX90, but rather my Meade LX6 10", f/6.3 scope...whos hand controller is displaying error messages from the encoders on power up. Can you help me? Great scooe, recent problem, no help from Meade AT ALL. Thanks, Jeff Thompson, [email protected], (336) 712-3341

Posted by JeffTcom on Apr 25, 2008

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Actually, its NOT about an LX90, but rather my Meade LX6 10", f/6.3 scope...whos hand controller is displaying error messages from the encoders on power up. Can you help me? Great scooe, recent problem, no help from Meade AT ALL. Thanks, Jeff Thompson, [email protected], (336) 712-3341

Thanks Paulmo....but adjustments and cleaning haven't fixed it....and I have tried some other encoders, but they were not successful.....probably since they were NOT the exact matches to the Meade encoders. Looks like NObody has a solution. But keep trying and let me know if YOU haver some success. Thanks again. JeffTcom
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My great Meade LX6 10 ", F/6.3 scope...has developed a vexing problem in the hand paddle controller attached to the RA & DEC encoders. After starting to initialize or boot suddenly goes to ERR message, instead of displaying the coordinates. Meade, of course, disavowes any help under what was termed a "life-time"warranty when I bought the scope. Suspecting an encoder I've tried to locate a replacement for the RA, where initialization reportely begins, but can't locate a match. I've also swapped the identical DEC encorderinto the RA position...but the Error persists. Parhaps the flaw is somewhere else...but only weeks ago, it was all running just fine. CAn you offer any help or suggestions. Thanks, Jeff Thompson, [email protected], (336) 712-3341

My scope sat in a basement for years and when I started it up I got an error the same as you discribe. Through sear luck I found it to be a bad connection where the encoder wire pluged into the battery box.
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Joe- Today I checked out my friends scope and specifically looked over the misaligned mount. Tomorrow, with the help of some contractors we are going to remove the scope, cut the bolts, and then break the pedestal free from the glue fastening it to the concrete. My friend is an archeologist and has an electronic theodolite/compass device, which we plan to use to realign the scopes pedestal to true north. I found our magnetic declination for our location and date at and will correct the alignment from magnetic to true north. Once this is done the wedge angle needs to be correct and I am worried because I didn't see any adjustment mechanism for altering the altitude angle of the wedge. My friend says he gave Meade the exact Latitude/Longitude coordinates, and thinks that probably the wedge is made with correct angle already. Right now, I'm thinking the only way to know for sure is to try to polar align the scope after it is remounted facing true north. If the angle is wrong and it turns out the wedge really isn't adjustable, is there any option but a new mount? In additon to the above, my friend tells me there is another possible problem, the autostar has to have the date and time reentered every night it has been used. Is this due to the non-functioning GPS? And,more importantly, will this effect the Goto functions? Again- thanks in advance for your help- my friends trust in my abilities to help greatly exceed my level of understanding- so you are needed and appreciated... Sincerely- Scott R.

Hum? I have never heard of a Meade wedge that was not adjustable?It might be possible to SHIM up the wedge slightly by using either thin metal shims, but DOWN would be a problem.Does he have a tripod for the telescope? If he does you can try to do a polar alignment on the tripod and see what happens.???You can find a Meade Super Wedge or Ultra Wedge from time to time on It will cost you $12 to join so you can fully use the web site. You can place a WANTED AD on the web site saying you are looking for a wedge, and try to find a used wedge at reduced cost.HOPEFULLY, it will be correct, and also you may be able to use the bolts coming out of the pier and put some bolts on them to RAISE or lower the angle?Look at this pier-
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My computer will not recognise my meade lpi camera

This is a known problem with VISTA--- works fine in XP-- However make sure you have the latest version of Autostar Suite and Envisage from the Meade web site--
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Problem with alignment of Meade LX90 8" telescope

Start from scratch- RESET the hand controller.Calibrate motors using the same power source you will use outside.Re-train the drivesCalibrate sensors on PolarisUse either the 110 volt power cord, or buy a 12 volt power pack and the proper Meade 12 volt cable. ( carries the right 12 volt cable)If your scope is NOT the LNT or GPS model you must level the tripod before you align. Go to home depot and buy the $3 small plastic two way bubble level, or the bulls-eye style bubble level.Further trouble, I suggest going to the LX90 Yahoo group forum, and asking questions there.Good Luck
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Dropped binoculars - Equinox 10x42 phase corrected

I have used Gas fitters white thread tape to "Fix" the screw on eye pieces in similar items, IF it has been dropped, then the "focus" could well have been knocked out of alignment, I do not know of any practical fix for this, other than tearing it down, and putting it back to bits, as we say, correctly, aligned to all the marks, this is NOT a task to be undertaken lightly though and NOT without a manual. I wonder if maybe you could not make an insurance claim? As another solution, you could contact Equinox, and inquire as if they have a repair service, send it to them, ask for a "Quote" and see the cost of a repair, you may be surprised, at the low charges the manufactures actually charge.
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Meade lX90 scope finding problem

Go back to square one-- in this orderRESET the hand-controllerCalibrate MotorsTrain Drives in BOTH axisEnter Time, Date, and Site-- Daylight Savings NO -- right now in the USACalibrate sensors (if you have this option)Then do a two star Automatic alignment-- you will need to CENTER each alignment star and they may NOT be inside the eyepiece but nearby.Here is a manual--
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I have a night owl optic # n0cx5m for some reason its gotten sticky? ..I don't use it often and its always word great but I notice the other day I took it out of the case and its sticky all over. nothing has gotten on it I had it in my safe. any ideas would be helpful in the cause and also how do I solve this problem. any help would be greatly appreciated. could you respond to my email? [email protected] sincerely... Mark Alison

The only thing is a dry cloth and elbow grease. I had tried everything, but that was all that worked.
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Problems with my LX200 Classic version

C1 and C2 are on the input of a voltage regulator. The fact that they burn, could mean that their voltage rating has been exceeded (check the voltage across them), or that age has caused their failure. The classic uses about 18 volts into the power panel - see that it is not higher than that. The handpad would not be a cause for this to happen as it is not the source of the power. Replace the caps with similar ones, but with higher voltage rating - 50v is fine. But check your power supply first!
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I have six Meade ETS-LX 6" telescopes which are used in an introductory astronomy lab. I have upgraded the firmware and other files in three of the six and they are working fine. The other three do not function properly. When the powerswitch is turned on, the light in the switch blinks several times and then comes on steady. The AutoStar III handbook shows nothing. I tried the Safe-Loader method given in the advice in several places (including this site) to restore the functioning (hold Enter and Scroll down keys and then turn on), but that does not work (I think it only applies to #495 or #497 Autostars). The safe load procedure for the Autostar II also (999) does not work. According to the Meade assistance person I spoke with, there is no safeload procedure for the Autostar III. The handboxes are not the problem, they work fine on the three telescopes that I did get working. None of the working telescopes give the blinking on the power switch common to all three that do not work. I have tried turning the telescopes on using battery power only, and with the Meade approved 12 V power converter: same sympton with both. Meade's advice is to mail the telescopes to them. If it was only one that failed in this manner I'd probably take that advice, but with three failing the same way, I thought I try to get some help. All are out of warranty, of course. Any ideas?

These scopes have many bugs in the firmware and are not a mature technology. Some people have issues and some do not.About the only thing you can try is to reload the firmware using the SC CARD method. Contact Meade or read the manual to learn how to upgrade the firmware using an SD flash memory card.Other than that the scopes will need to be returned to Meade for repair.
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