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One of the gears in the Azimuth motor got a flat spot because the worm gear was adjusted too tight. It is a 24 tooth nylon straight gear, very small- only about 1 cm across, but if this gear isn't working then the azimuth motor makes a good doorstop!! Who knows where to get replacement parts for these badly designed telescopes?

Posted by mcp4glenn on Apr 30, 2008

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One of the gears in the Azimuth motor got a flat spot because the worm gear was adjusted too tight. It is a 24 tooth nylon straight gear, very small- only about 1 cm across, but if this gear isn't working then the azimuth motor makes a good doorstop!! Who knows where to get replacement parts for these badly designed telescopes?

Below is the contact information for Meade parts. They are the only reliable source unless you know a local dealer that you can trust. Jerry G. Meade Instruments Corporation6001 Oak CanyonIrvine, CA 92618(800) 626-3233 (U.S.A. Only)Fax: (949) 451-1460
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Azimuth motor gearing problem

Sounds like it could be that the worm gear is not meshing Look here for guidelines in the internals
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I was given a Meade DS2130 reflector. Everything seems to work fine except the scope doesn't move in Altitude. The motor works fine and the white horizontal worm gear and vertical white gear turn together but apparently they don't grasp and spin the shaft to make the scope go up or down. I've seen a photo ( that shows another vertical gear that the white plastic gear should engage when under tension. I seem to be missing it! (I have the white gear). Where can I get parts? Thanks!

ONLY Meade will have parts-- usually they want you to return the mount to them for repair-- call them here:
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Elevation motor stopped working....

You might look at the Jan's Meade lx90 site. have the same problem.
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Azimuth motor gearing problem

I also purchased a used Meade ETX-70, only to find it had the same problem with the rotation axis motor running but no movement. After removing the bottom cover, I found the motor w/worm gear would not contact the main rotation gear. I solved the problem but purchasing a small 3/8x3/4x.032 spring that I had to custom fit to hold the motor w/worm gear against the rotation gear. Take caution not to have the spring apply to much pressure or it will cause to much drag. To gain access, remove the bottom round cover(it will just pop off). Then use a small .05 allen wrench to remove the set screw in the horizonal chrome lock. The chrome lock fits over a 1/2" bolt. By removing this bolt you will remove the washer/bearing assembly. After removing this, you will see a nylon nut, use a 11/16 socket to remove. Becareful, it is a fine thread and you don't want to cross thread it! After you remove this, you will be able to remove the bottom housing, which will expose the motor and gear. You should be able to see what I am referring and where to place the spring. If you can make it this far, then you should be able to install the spring. I used a little small dab of Gorilla glue to hold it in place, since the spring will have enough constant tension to keep it from moving. I'm not sure if this was a design flaw, but I got no help from the Techs at Meade, only that they would upgrade to a ETX-80 for $149.99 plus shipping. Hope this helps.......
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Battery not making good contact

Use the eraser on a # 2 pencil to clean the contacts that touch the battery
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I cannot get my finderscope red dot to lineup with my main scope ,its a SKP13065EQ2 .it will not lineup , i did send SKYWATCH a e-mail and that was almost 2 mths ago .i did line up the main scope like it said in the master book ,on page 11 (using the red dot finder) and i got as far as number 3 ,then it all went out the window,i could not get to number 4.i tryed to turn both the AZIMUTH and ALTITUDE to bring it in line and it will not do as it says in the book.i looked in the main to make sure it was in line with to object(it was) but the dot was not.i went to the FULL max on both and still no joy.i did find that the finder 'when you add the finder and screwin to lock it moves about 2-4 mm to the left.with this i worked out it was about 1and a half-2 inchs off.i was thinking of drilling another hole or mark it to see if i can get it to line up the right way.i do not want to spend £200 and keep looking from the back to line up the scope all the time .don't get me wrong i love the scope i got but its a pain in the *** when something will not go right. any help on this and how to fixit

Can you return the red dot finder? It's apparently broken.These can be purchased (not too very expensive)here:
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I have a one year old 125PE scope on an AutoStar "Go To" mount. IT was working fine until SUnday night when the Altitude gears started to jam when raising the OTA. The unit was not bumped or dropped. I switched to AC power (Meade beanded power supply) and the problem persists. It sounds like; "whirr, whirr, whirr, BUZZZZZZZZZZ, whirr, whirr, whirr..." I have the fork cover off (this is an LNT unit) and can see no broken teeth on any gears. The bussing comes from within the plastic gear box. Are there any adjustments I can make or a way to get a replacement gear box?

See this web site for pictures of the ETX and repair tips. The best ETX web site on the internet.
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Hello i dont necessarily have a problem with my itt 190. I am actually researchujng the nvg before i decide to purchase it. I know its a gen 3 but know little else. Iam under the impression it is a multitask monocualr. Can it be worn over the eye by adapting to a headharness and mounting arm as well as the weapons mount used by all itt monoculors such as the gear for the ITT PVS 14. If so can it be weapons mounted. Is its size similar to the 14 units/ I hear its built well and has since been discontinued nby ITT. Can i come hear for support and nmaaintenence if part are needed. Finally how are the optics on this gen 3 unit. Are they as good as the modern pvs 14 and what lp is it 54-64lp. I just want to know versatile this unit is and its optics and how well its gen 3 unit works. Now i know its most likely far better than my rather old itt pvs 14 gen 2. Any info and advice is much appreciated Thnks SPC. Joshua L. Steward U.S,Army/Airborne Dis/Ret

Electronic components; resistor, capacitor, transistor, processor, switches, wire, all component have to meet or exceed those standards set by the Military. When these component come together to make ccfl, inverter, voltage multiplier, controller that they have to meet standards set by the US Military RD. Those standard are stiff. Wonder why they didn't throw the M16 or M4 in a junk pile. junk. The image are made by ITT liton, Vard In, Photo-tonic, etc. These companies apply for military contracts in which there manufactured item will have to meet Military standards. This companies are American. Maybe with the exception Photo-tonic it has linage to Europe--Belgium. Vard Inc made the 1st generation PVS2 Star Light Scope in 1962 which was first used in Vietnam successfully. There were other NV devise big and bulky. Back in the 50's the Army had rifle mount scope, it took three soldier to operate it. You couldn't sneak up on blind rat with it.... I used PVS2 in Vietnam and it save my *** a few times. As you know being in the military everything you carry has to be light. When I was in Vietnam and southeast Asia for 34 months. One learned in a hurry to drop stuff that you really don't need, gas masked, sleeping mat, ratios, etc.etc... In Vietnam i carry 18 clips/50 round bagged of ammo for M2 carbine, three hand grenades, one ***** trap grenade. two ***** trap AK47 clips. I used indigenous pack, poncho line, indigenous poncho, five plastic bag of rice with beef and chicken bullion (from home). Tabasco sauce. four canteen of water, and one 3/4gal bag of water. Sometime I worn Vietnamese cloths, loose fitting black silky pants and linen shirt, Cooley hat, Uncle HO sandals. and sleep in the air, mud, on the ground, up against a tree or in a water fill bomb crater. I carry what I needed, not what the Army want me carry. I got in a lot of trouble but I prevailed in those adversaries. I hope I answer all your questions. stewbison
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Motor unit fault DS 2000

Continual motor faults simple mean something is broken inside the telescope--- motors, or gears--- something is preventing the motor from turning the telescope.Time to either take it back and get a replacement... or send it in for repairs.Here is the Meade service phone line--
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