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Mirror lock the mirror lock won't unlock. The large gear behind the mirror lock knob will not turn

Posted by starm24i on May 26, 2008

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Mechanical Info for the LX200GPS / | OPT Telescopes

Mechanical Info for the LX200GPS. ... travel and turn the mirror lock knob clockwise ... which rests against the large DEC drive gear. 3) do NOT use a smaller ...
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Mirror lock The mirror lock won't unlock. The large gear that engages with the gear behind the mirror lock knob will not rotate. If you turn the knob counterclockwise the knob will back off away from the plastic flange, and if you turn it clockwise, as if to unlock the mirror, the knob will return toward the flange but then it stops and you can't turn it any more. If I unhook the coarse focus knob then the mirror lock gear will turn freely, but the mirror turns with it.

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Here?s my problem : My scope model is LX200R 14?. I?ve pulled the focuser shaft out of the focuser arm pin. I?ve turned the locking lock knob several turns before putting back the focuser shaft. I noticed that the primary mirror cell turned together with the lock gear when I turned the locking knob ! (Is this normal ?) Afterward I tried to hook the crosshole in the focuser screw over the focus rod again. Here comes my problem: the focus arm/rod is not aligned to the center of the focuser opening at the back plate of the scope! So I have to tilt the focuser shaft in order to hook the crosshole over the focus rod. At that skewed position, I can never reattach the focuser assembly to the back plate! I?ve tried to rotate the primary mirror cell and thus the focuser arm, but it comes to a STOP, short of the center position I desire. I?ve also tried to turn the primary mirror cell a full circle : by 360deg and see if the focuser rod would come to the center position : but no, it comes to a STOP, this time even more short of the center position. I am now scared : why the focuser arm pin has come off its original position ? Why there is a STOP preventing me to position the focuser arm pin back to its original center position ??? Can I ever hook the crosshole back over the focus rod and reattach the focuser assembly again ? Regards, Stewart

Steward, this is Joe Lalumia-- I have seen your post on various forums. The 14 inch is different from the other smaller LX200 scopes. Probably Dr. Clay, and or Andrew on the Yahoo Group LX200 forum will know the answer because they service these scopes.Post a message there (register for free) and one of them will answer you about that very nice scope.Clear Skies! Joe
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Mirror lock the mirror lock won't unlock. The large gear behind the mirror lock knob will not turn

Possibly the shaft has jammed. Follow this link for a source of good information: From their files: The locking knob has a gear on the inside end of its shaft. It engages teeth on the outside edge of a large metal disk connected to the mechanism that locks the position of the mirror on the central baffle tube. Rotating the locking knob one direction rotates the large disk to tighten the collet on the central baffle. Reversing direction loosens it. The teeth do not extend all the way around the large disk. So sometimes the locking knob gear jams to a stop before the lock is fully engaged. Soon after the GPS scopes first started shipping Buck Harley discovered that in such cases you can remove the locking knob with its shaft and gear, then reach in and rotate the large disk with your finger. Replacing the locking knob will now allow sufficient rotation to fully engage the lock. If you happen to move the large disk in the wrong direction, then just repeat the process and move the disk in the other direction. You don't need to tighten the lock down hard. Just a little snug is enough. You should not attempt to use the coarse focus knob while the mirror is locked. Damage to the focusing mechanism could result. This design is intended to precisely hold the mirror position. So, yes, it is meant to allow effective use of a separate guide scope by eliminating mirror flop when in the locked position.
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I just had my lx 200 acf 12 inch [new telescope] returned to me from Meade because there was dirt on the mirror. After setting it up I discovered the locking mechanism would not unlock nor could i turn the focus knob.It is still under warenty but I live in Newfoundland Canada and it would take approximately one and a half months for it to be returned to meHow would I go about fixing the problen

You can try removing the focuser and knob -- and see why the LOCK (which is simply a bolt is stuck.Look here:
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Meade LX200R 12" Mirror Lock

The 'lock' is a ring gear that closes a ferrul against the draw tube to restrict its motion. It is not intended to be a hard lock. Try the Meade Advanced Users Group for further tips.
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Telescope will not focus

Your focuser is broken -- you can buy a replacement here: here:
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Right ascesion slow motion control knob loose, does not work

The RA knob has a setscrew that fixes it to the shaft. Just need to find the correct size and tighten.
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Focus knob problem

The focus knob is not supposed to feel like that. On my Celestron it had almost become detached from the focus lever which attaches to the main mirror inside the tube. There is a threaded shaft and locknut which had become loose.If you feel DIY enough, and you understand about corrector plate centering, follow this tighten the locknuts on the threaded shaft. There is also a lot of stuff on CloudyNights (above) regarding this subject.If not 100% confident a better idea is probably to have a telescope tech do this for you. Shop around your district.
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Broken focuser C8

I think the threaded shaft of the focuser has come right out of the hole in the focusing lever which attaches to the back of the mirror assembly. It should have a stop nut and jam nut at the end of the screw shaft which can be seen in this diagram In my C8 these became loose, leading to excessive focuser slop. One of these has fallen off in yours. Unfortunately you will have to disassemble the scope to fix this, but it isn't difficult if you mark the alignment of the front corrector first. You will be able to clean the inside of the corrector plate too. Follow up on this post with a comment if you have trouble.
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The dec, knob must have streped on my 2000 LX90.

Look at this for a possible fix--
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