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Washed out when I look through my new Vivitar telescope everything I see seems to be washed out - as though there's too much light. I tried it during the day and looked at a tree - and a house - no help. Can you help? Joan

Posted by joanelloyd on Sep 19, 2008

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We did not find results for: washed out when i look through my new vivitar telescope everything i see seems to be washed out as though there s too much light i tried it during the day and looked at a tree and a house no help can you help joan joanelloyd att net.

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Washed out when I look through my new Vivitar telescope everything I see seems to be washed out - as though there's too much light. I tried it during the day and looked at a tree - and a house - no help. Can you help? Joan

Hi Joan: Did you use the eyepieces that came with the scope, they make the image at the back of the scope clear...let me know..STH55
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Solution to not seeing thru

1.Start sky watching with moon .You try to locket moon first.See proper how change in vision using focusing knob. 2. Than you try to see Jupitor,Seturn etc.
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Hi, a few days back I purchased Nexstar 4SE. I set it up exactly how it says in the manual still I cannot see any magnifying views from the eye piece. While aligning the telescope I can find the moon from StarPointer but when I look in the eyepiece I can't see moon. When I look at stars from the eye piece they just appear like a tiny dots (just like they appear to naked eye). I am confused what step I am missing here. Or it it possibility that the eye piece is a defected piece? Please help!! Thanks,Neha

Stars will always appear as points. It is not possible to magnify them enough to see them as disks because they are all extremely far away. A telescope will however show you stars and other objects that are too dim to see with the naked eye.You will be able to see the planets as disks, and even features on the planets, such as the bands on Jupiter, the rings of Saturn and the phases of Venus, and also moons around some planets. There are other objects that will show more detail when magnified, such as nebula. You will be able to see a lot of craters and other detail on the Moon.Your problem is simply that you are not pointing the telescope at these objects. This seems to be one of those telescopes that "automatically" finds objects, but these so called "go to" scopes only do this when they are set up properly. I can't say what step(s) you have missed, but clearly even if the scope thinks it is pointed at the moon, if you can't see the moon, it is NOT pointed there. The Moon will fill the field of view even with the least powerful eyepiece. If you are seeing stars as points, then the eyepiece is focussed and working properly.
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N00b looking for help with Celestron 4 1/2

Thanks very much! it looks like it's a FirstScope 114 with a wooden tripod (it doesn't have the C4.5 markings on the tube). this gets me headed in the right direction. too bad it's going to be cloudy/rainy all weekend :-(
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Bushnell telescope 78-9669

You must first learn how to focus it in the day time. Put the eyepiece with the largest number written on it into the focuser-- do NOT USE the 2x barlow if you have one. Practice focusing on a distant object. The red dot FINDERSCOPE must also firt be aligned with the main tube -- it is used to POINT the scope at an exact spot in the sky.Objects in the night sky are tiny and the scope must be pointed directly at them to see anything. Locate a local Astronomy club and they will help you. Also read the manual
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Cant see anything ?

I going to straight forward on this answer. This telescope is a useless piece of junk! The tripod is unstable, the .965 (obsolete size and design) eyepieces will only focus dead center. The finder is useless, too narrow a field to find anything. The high power eyepiece exceeds the maximum useful magnification (only 98x max under perfect conditions) This may be used for terrestrial viewing but worthless for astronomy.
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Meade DS 2000 Goto Reflector scope. I am looking for the base goto motor assembly housing witch houses the motor and gears. Can anybody please help?

You cannot actually get parts for this scope other than from Meade directly-- and possibly a USED motor on Ebay. Usually Meade wants you to send in the scope for repair and will not sell you any gears or
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I just set up my Powerseeker 114 Telescope. I don't understand what the CD is for? but, when I tried to look at the sky I couldn't? I don't know if I don't have the right Latitude for Rockwall TX?? or if I just don't know what the hell im doing? which probably is the best of the two love the stars, moon and everything out in outerspace but if I can't figure this out then how can I really appreciate it?? PLEASE, someone help I guess I need someone to help me at least be ableto look out of it.Thanks I'm not sure how I got to this site, so dont know how to get back but my email address is.. I appreciate anyone who can help a goofy blonde in need.

Would be happy to help you since I live in Rockwall, Texas! :)Our next free star party in Rockwall is on Sunday evening May 24th weather permitting at The Shores park. You can visit our club's web site at www.texasastro.orgLook at the top of the main web site page for a Calendar link-- and look at May 24th for details about the free star party-- bring your telescope and we will help you with it.Joe LalumiaPublic Observing CoordinatorTexas Astronomical Society
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I am looking for a telescope and I saw the JASON MERCURY 420 telescope on craigs list. I have never owned a telescope, I am a ameture photographer and I watch every science show on tv. I am not a 8 year old and I am not planning on spending my time looking at the moon1st question, Iis the telescope adaptable with my Nikon camera. I want something that I can atleast see the rings of Saturn as well as the dust cloud at the tip of the big dipper and beyond. 2nd question, Would this type of telescope come with a tripod, I know from photography that a decent tripod costs hundreds of dollars and I don't want to spend $500 on a tripod when the JASON MERCURY 420 telescope is only worth less than half of that.. Last question, should I be looking forr a refractor or a reflecting,( I think that's what you call them,). Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Mark

Do NOT buy that telescope.Second, to take long exposure (several minute) astro-photos you must use a GEM mount like one of these: you need to decide on the scope to use. Something like this would work: this: you will need some accessories to mount the camera onto the back of the telescope, and you will need to learn how to polar align the mount so it will accurately track the sky.Read these articles:
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I struggle to use the finder scope on the telescope, is it rubbish or is it me. i would like to change the rdf but it looks like its unique to this scope, nothing else looks like it, the mount does not look like any other mount on other rdf, i,m i stuck with this one or are they any other rdf i could use on this scope with the same mount. the telescope is fab but spend most of the time trying to aline rdf. celestron is such a big manufacture in telescopes and dont recon they would supply a scope with a hard to use finder. 2 red dots and 2 circles need to be lined up at an object, in day light fine but a nightmare against the dark sky, any tips if i'm stuck with it? cheers

No you can buy many different kinds of finder scopes and mounts-- look here:
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