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Cannot adjust " 3 -> 'infinity' "

I just bought from ebay today: Moonlight night vision NV-100 hand held monocular scope. But I cannot adjust distance through " 3 -> 'infinity' ". It's stuck. What can I do?Thanks in advanceDaniel

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Cannot adjust " 3 -> 'infinity' "

As you probably know by now, you have in your hands a CHEAP russian 1st Gen. NV device and that whatever $$ you paid for it was $$ way too much. The russians make these things for the export (think USA) market from left over 1st Generation junk that did not work well even for THEM. The USA 1st Gen. is to them what our 3rd Gen. is to us. There is no repair or service centers for this russian NV in the USA. This is a prime example of 'Buyer Beware'. If it looks too good to be true, it's probably junk. Save your $$ and buy American. Remember that '1stGen(generation) is very OLD NV technology,(this what we used in Viet-Nam in the early'60's, it was like 'rocket science' then, but it was all we had) the picture will be very grainy and fuzzy and the picture will appear to be sorta floating about. Pointing it at a bright light can burn out the element. Yikes! There is NOTHING you can do to adjust this to make it look good. The 2nd Gen. is only a little better, just a little more expensive. The 3rdGen. is much better and you will have a pretty clear picture and happy results. When you see these TV shows where they are using NV, they most likely are using 3rdGen NV. You will spend much more $$ for these units. The 4thGen. NV is the latest and top dog but you will have to hock your car, your dog and give up eating for a long time to afford these units. Go to; and you will see all four types of NV USA made. I have nothing to do with nor am I associated with this company, I simply give it to you as a reference point in your quest for information about NV products. Good luck :)
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I have a red laser on a .223 that also has a holographic sight. I cannot see the red laser past about 15yds in daylight (I have a green laser, but do not want to use it because it provides a clear trail to my gun location at night). I want to sight the red laser in at 25-100 yds for nightime use. I do not have anywhere I can shoot at night in order to adjust the laser to a 25-100 yard zero. Can I preadjust the holographic sight to a 25-100 yd range in the daytime, then adjust the red laser to come into line with the preset holographic sight on a 100yd target at night (when the laser is clearly visible) and have an accurate laser setting?

I think you are asking, if you are sighted in (holographic) can you then adjust the laser to that point of aim and then rely on the laser to be "ON TARGET" at a usable distance, the answer is yes. But if you can sight in at 15 yards using the laser. adjust you shots hi ( You aim your laser low, so your shots will be above your point of aim 1 inch) with this shot placement you should be on at 100 to 115 yards.If you can be very precise at 15 - 20 yards you should be very close out at 100. Hope this helps Fix Ya up.
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I am able to see with the 20m Lens but once i insert the 5mm Lens it looses focus and i cannot see anything, i tried adjusting the focus again with no success. The worst thing that even at day light i cannot focus the 5mm lens on any far object. Is this a problem with the lens or the focus adjuster?

That's because the 5 mm is too much magnification for your small telescope. Maximum magnification is a function of APERTURE. Which is how big is the front lens or the mirror.Your scope has about a 2 inch aperture, so the maximum posiible magnification is about 100 power (if it is like the one in the picture above)50 times aperture (2 inches)-- 100 powerIt will only achieve 50 times if the optics are perfect and the sky is very transparent and stable. Usually only 30-40 times is all you normally get.
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I have a Simmons Model ATV 4515 rifle scope. other

Your scope has 5 adjustments: 1. Eye piece focus - used to focus on the reticle. 2. windage adjustment - should be on the R side of the scope, adjusts lateral impact point. 3. Vertical adjustment - the top turret. Adjusts vertical point of impact. 4. Power ring - adjusts the magnification of the scope. 5. AO ring - Parralax adjustment - used to focus the scope at specific distances. Most markings are not exact, you should set it at the range you are shooting and fine tune focus when you look through the scope.
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I have a 25 year old Redfield 6X18 scope, with an

Bullet drop compensation,,,,compleat hog wash! no such thing in a scope, only a realy pricy one like £1500.00p worth and there not that good! but there coming soon! driven by a lazer for range finding,,, still your scope has clouded up becouse its leaking water has got into it, it could be repaired but its not cheap to do, it needs a complet strip down all the class cleand and new seals then a re-gas and it should be as good as new for another 25 years or so, any good scope with mill dot will work for you, you just need to relurn the bullet drop over again,,and with the years of shooting you have had that should come easy as falling over,,,why not just get a good prised 3/9x40 mill dot and try that out insted, you will be plesently pleased with todays mid priced range scopes treet your self, and save money at the same time
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I own the 80mm williams optics refractor, it's four years old and in very good shape never been dropped. The problem I'm having is the focuser is very loose and wants to slide all the way back to the end of its travel as if there is no friction holding it back. I can adjust the set screw to hold in place, but this makes it to where you can't fine adjust the focus. The slightest tilt upward will make the focuser inopertive. I heard somewhere that there was a simple way to adjust the slide fiction..If you can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Post this question on the REFRACTOR TOPIC on discussion forum.
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Rear mirror I have a telescope which I believe the internal mirror in the base may have been adjusted. Is there a way to test or reset to original, or am i just wasting time. The manual states never to adjust this but try telling my son. I have tried to locate something on this on the net but cannot locate any help. Yours help would be much appreciated

I may be telling you something you already know, but just in case. If your telescope is a newtonian/dobsonian (i.e., long, large tube) then the mirror in the bottom can be adjusted to collimate or align properly. On the other hand, if the top of the telescope has glass over it (refractor telescope) then putting it back into place will be more labor intensive and I wouldnt even try it. Try going to the manufacturers website and asking them. You might post the same question on a telescope forum called If you live in a large city, try searching for local astronomy clubs as every astronomy club has some guy there who takes these things apart for no reason just to put them back together.
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Diopter out of ajustment

Pentax is one of the good guys and has a great serice center. why no send it back and ask for a replacement, if your sure you are focusing properly there should be no problem.
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