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Mirrors When I look down into the mirrors I can see that a mirror has moved out of place and i'm not sure how to fix it or where to get it fixed.

Posted by kepi95 on Jun 22, 2008

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Mirrors When I look down into the mirrors I can see that a mirror has moved out of place and i'm not sure how to fix it or where to get it fixed.

The primary mirror of the N4 is very securely held in place. The secondary is an aluminum coating on the back of the meniscus lens and can't move. I think what you are seeing is the secondary mirror's baffle tube becoming misaligned. This can happen if the scope is left in a hot automobile. Contact Celestron support for repair services.
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ETX-90 Focus My telescope was working properly before it was moved to Florida by a moving van. I can not now get the telescope to focus properly. I have tried adjusting the focus knob but no luck. I am also not sure if the eyepiece has been tampered with or not. Is there an illustration showing how the lenses should be placed in the eyepiece?

I suggest trying a different eyepiece first to see if that's the problem. Otherwise, if it was moved without adequate protection, there is a chance the mirror was shifted or damaged. A damaged mirror can't really be fixed since it's specs are very rigid. If it turns out to be a problem with the mirror the best thing to do is find an expert on telescope mirrors to try and fix the problem.
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Scope won't turn left or right. l looked inside of base & discovered that the gear box had broken corners that hold it in place and also a plastic arm holding a shaft w/gear on it was broken. When you try move scope tube L&R the gear box assembly moves & the gear on the shaft skips out. Where can I get a new gear box or can it be fixed?

Only Meade will have this part-- they MIGHT sell you one??? but usually they want you to return the scope to them. Talk to several people there including a supervisor.Contact them here:
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I bought a used nexstar 130 Gt. The hand controller lights up and will move the scope, but will not display any information . Can this be fixed or do I have to get a new one? Thanks Lenny

First do a RESET on the hand controller --- also the b. Some of these scopes have a brightest adjustment.===rightness and contrast may be set too high.The problem will be navigating the menu tree without seeing anything-- the menu tree is shown in the manual try to get to the reset by "touch". or to the contrast by touch.Contact Celestron here is you continue to have issues with this:
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Start Align with NexStar 4SE

Did you enter the correct TIME, DATE, and LOCATION? and yes you may have aligned on to the wrong stars -- they need to be "near" the center.
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I have just been given a Tasco 851TR telescope that I know does not have all the parts it came with new. It needs some fixing up for sure, but I am completely new to using a telescope and can use any friendly help I can get. Last night I attempted to "gaze" at the moon. I say attempted because no matter how long I tried, I couldn't get the aim right or get the moon to hold still. At this point I'm looking for any and all advice and information I can find.

The Moon, the planets NOR the stars will hold still for you, sorry. You have to keep moving the 'scope to "track" them.
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Lost vision The telescope was working fine until I was trying to match the view through the smaller spotting scope with that of the main telescope, and suddenly I could faintly tell I was aimed at the moon by a soft glow alone, but could no longer actually see details nor the usual brightness of it. I've taken the scope apart and cleaned the lenses and mirror. I can see beautifully if I remove the eyepiece, but of course I'm just looking at the mirrors inside at that point. When I replace the eyepiece, all I can see is that very faint glow which, when focused, gives me that funky view of the inside of my own eyeball like when you get your eyes checked at the optometrist's office and they shine that bright light in your pupil. Any idea what's happened here and how I can fix it? Maybe I need a new eyepiece?

Your telescope is a "Newtonian," as such it requires regular "collimation" Collimation the alignment of the optics. The mirrors must be lined up properly for the telescope to deliver a good image to the eyepiece. Your scope sound like it is way out of collimation. My guess is that the diagonal (secondary) mirror has rotated in it's mount. There are three basic tools for collimating a Newtonian the Sight Tube, Cheshire and Autocollimator. To get your digonal aligned correctly you need a sight tube. Rather than spend a lot on these consider making your own and keep an eye on eBay offerings. Don't bother investing in a laser collimator, they simply don't do the job unless you go for the very best. From some help with the collimation process check these links. The 60 page pamphlet "New Perspectives on Newtonian Collimation," Fourth Edition by Vic Menard and Tippy D’Auria runs $10, but if you really want to do it right it's worth the money. HTH, George
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How to fix my galileo 800x80 Telescope

I had no problem locating manuals on their site. Look again., This is a reflector telescope, not a refractor, you don't need to open up anything and there is no where for humidity to enter the optical tube - Its basically an open tube with one open end (the top) and the closed end with the mirror (the bottom).Call them at 1.800.548.3537, there in Florida and they'll be glad to instruct you on how to take care of that mirror.Hope this helps.DeviantStar
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Celestron C14 focus rod unscrews rather thhan moving mirror up an

Hi starHome: Looks like someone will have to remove the corrector plate and the rear cell to get to the focus bar on the primary mirror.once apart, then we will have more information to work with.SHT55
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