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Cant see anything

I cant see anything through my telescope at all. My husband got it for me for my birthday. He always tries to get the best of everything. I would of just been happy with a regular telescope. Is there any easy instructions on how to use it.

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Tasco telescope[46-114500]cannot see anything through lens.bought

THE protective cover is the FRONT of the telescope!!!The focuser is on the front like the picture above. TURN the scope around -- you have it pointing at the ground right now!Read my TIPS on my profile page. And read this and look at the pictures:
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New bushnell telescope, cant see anything, what am i doing wrong?

Put the lowest power eyepiece in the telescope-- that's the one with the LARGEST number on it.Go outside and practice focusing on a distant object at least 100 yards away-- turn the focus knob slowly.
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I have a galaxsee 525x - was given to me a few days ago. It has been used and came with no instruction manual. I have out it together but I cant see anything with it. I can when I dont put the lense in but when I put in the lense I cant. I can see through the lense on its own. I have never used a telescope before either. is there anything obvious that I should do? Thanks

First you have what we call a department store telescope. It is 60mm, not much bigger than a pair of 10x50mm binoculars. Do NOT use the 2xbarlow if you have one, Put the eyepiece with the largest number written on it into the telescope and go outside during the day time and practice focusing on a distant object.You probably will not find a manual-- however Meade telescopes maintains a web site for their scopes. Look under REFRACTOR on this page for one similar to your telescope. They all work the same way: read my TIPS on my profile page.
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Cant see anything

I can only sse the moon. I can't see the stars or planets. Anyone know why?
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Cannot see anything thru telescope even daytime

Get Stellarium or another fine astronomy program During the day, point the telescope at a part of the landscape about 100 yards away. Use the lowest power eyepiece (highest number) in the focal tube. Center the landscape object in the telescope. Align the finder scope so that it points exactly where the main telescope is. At night, leave the scope out to reach thermal equilibrium (about an hour for small reflectors and refractors) If the scope is on a EQ mount, polar align. Point the finder at the moon. The moon should be in the main scope also. Practice finding the moon before you start on the planets Once you are comfortable with the moon and planets, you can go for the deep sky objects
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Cant see anything through the view finder

1. During the day, use the 17mm eyepiece on a object outside (telephone pole, water tower, etc) then align the finder to what you see in the scope. 2. Put in the 7.5mm eyepiece and fine align the red dot finder.3. At night, point the finder at the moon (less than half moon or the image is too bright without a moon filter) Use the 17mm eyepiece.4. Once you see the moon, switch to the 7.5mm lens and enjoy.5. Download Stellarium or any free astronomy software and see what is in your sky tonight. Your scope should be able to see Jupiter and its moons easily.(Saturn, Mars and Venus when the time is right) Open clusters like Pleiades will be nice is this fast scope.5. If stars are not sharp, you may need to collimate the scope. Look online for general instructions.
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Cant see anything

Put the eyepiece with the largest number written on it into the telescope. Go outside during the day time and practice focusing on a distant object. The moon should be your first night time target.
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Cant see anything ?

I going to straight forward on this answer. This telescope is a useless piece of junk! The tripod is unstable, the .965 (obsolete size and design) eyepieces will only focus dead center. The finder is useless, too narrow a field to find anything. The high power eyepiece exceeds the maximum useful magnification (only 98x max under perfect conditions) This may be used for terrestrial viewing but worthless for astronomy.
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Cant see anything through the telescope

The red dot finder is NOT lined up with the main tube. During the daytime locate a distant object with the main tube eyepiece. Without moving the telescope adjust the red dot to point at the exact same spot.
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I have just bought my son a NG70CA telescope. Have no manuals and cant find any on the web. As my son is very interested in star gazing..we can see the moon quite clearly but little else. Having seen certain reviews it was infered that you could see other planets/ andromeda. I am hopefully looking for a bit of guidance being completely new to this and in all honest havent got a clue... is this particular telescope suitable for anything other than just looking at the moon...where can I get info on where exactly to look for other views of the sky any help would be very much appreciated. Many Thanks

Try to locate a local Astronomy club and attend their star parties. Also download the free monthly star chart Objects in the sky are tiny. Your scope must be pointed directly at them or you will not see them in the eyepiece. Make sure the finder scope is aligned with the main tube perfectly. Then use the finder scope to align the telescope.This may also help you:
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