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Finderscope image upside down & not focused if viewing past 100 yards

I was trying to calibrate the finderscope and everything is upside down and unfocused (except for close onjects).

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Starizona's Telescope Basics

... you must remember the image through the finderscope is upside-down ... upside down. Transporting a Telescope. ... a correct image for terrestrial viewing.
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FAQ5: How to Use a Telescope

How to Use a Telescope. ... are things upside down? ... up in a pair of binoculars because they have a prism that flips the image for normal viewing. If you want ...
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Astronomics - 7.5 X 50mm black right angle correct image finder

This right-angle erect/right-reading image finderscope is a sensible replacement for ... to turn your head upside down to ... the diagonal until it is focused on ...
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AstroMaster Series Telescopes

Aligning the Finderscope ... (up & down) and azimuth (side-to-side))) ... is an optical element that magnifies the image focused by . when
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Stellarvue F50W3 - 9 X 50 Straight Through Finderscope ...

The Stellarvue F50W3 finder offers straight-through viewing ... 9 X 50 Straight Through Finderscope ... This gives you the sharpest image and straight through viewing.
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Tasco Telescope Manual | Lens (Optics) | Telescopic Sight

Tasco Telescope Manual ... In all astronomical telescopes, the image appears upside down. ... Do not view the sun with this product or even with the naked eye ...
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INSTRUCTION MANUAL LIT. #: ... the image appears upside down. ... Also, the image in the finderscope will be inverted. MAGNIFICATION 1.
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C130mm Mak - #52275 - Celestron

Choose a conspicuous object that is over 500 yards ... (upside-down and backwards) view. ... For astronomical viewing, out-of-focus star images are very diffuse ...
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Finderscope image upside down & not focused if viewing past 100 yards

The upside down image is normal for astronomical telescopes. The finder usually is a fixed focus, but it can be altered for various eye types, by rotating the objective lens for focus - the cell should move in or out on fine threads.
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Sotfware "Autostar" support (With Telescop LX200ACF)

The objects are updated using the Autostar Suite software ver.5.5 on the Meade web site (free).Here-
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I purchased the Tasco Galaxsee 45-114375 telescope at a thrift shop for $9.00. Do not have the faintest idea on how to use it. When I look through the eye piece on it all of the images appear upside down. Perhaps I am missing a part?? Where can I find an owners manual for this telescope? Thank you :).

That is normal.
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Most problems tend to be mechanical. Have you 'trained' the drive and set the backlash values? Those 2 can have dramatic effects on pointing accuracy. Also, if the optical tube is not in alignment with the mount, then nothing will work correctly. To check that, have the telescope in Alt-Az configuration, inside the house, loosen the RA lock, and shine a laser pointer on the corrector plate. as the telescope is rotated about the RA, the reflected spot should be steady. Adjust the DEC to minimize the diameter of the circle that is drawn. What is left, is the out-of-true on the DEC axis. That can be adjusted with the tube cradle alignment bolts.
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2 questions concerning Meade LXD55 astronomical telescope. Meade apparently no longer supports this instrument and I have been unable to find the answers to these questions. #1: The central screw holding the secondary miror passes through a compression spring which seems to me to be a bit short (abt. 1 cm). What is the specified size of the of this spring? #2: The reticle in the Polar Alignment Viewfinder is usable but broken. Is it posible to replace the reticle or must I replace the entire viewfinder.

Doubtful you will find just a reticle- for the polar finder. However you may be able to buy a complete polar alignment scope-- new-- or used on place o find out about that spring is on the Yahoo Group LXD55 tech group-- Post your question there as they have specific knowledge about that mount. And also look at this special LXD55 web site for many tech tips. skies to you-
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User manual for tasco galaxsee 45-114376 - Tasco Galaxsee 45-114375 375X (375 x 114.3mm) Telescope

All of Tasco's manuals are on this web site:
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2-star alignment I use a celestron 8i. I have updated motor control and a new hand control When I attemp planet, 1-star, 2-star alignment, the program tells me alignment is successful, but the alignment does not hold. When I immediately enter the name of one of the aligned stars, the telescope slews to a point different than the alignment star. Suggestions?

I also have an 8i, but decided not to upgrade the controls yet. I've had my scope for about four years. I have experienced the same problem and am not sure what what causes it. Some nights, the scope tracks alignment all night, other times it does not. When the later occurs, the only thing that helps is to repeat the alignment picking new targets. One night, I had to repeat alignment 3-4 times. Also, I highly recommend a book by Michael Swanson, "The Nexstar User's Guide". It's an easy read, very specific and keeps the novice in mind. It should be included with every Nexstar sold. Go online to: Hope this helps. John
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Hi, the plastic bit snapped off the telescope's diagonal (where you fix the eyepiece), and this, plus the eyepiece is nowhere to be found. It was a childhood telescope I am trying to rescue! (a Bushnell Explorer 18-1560) Should I: 1) try and glue a new eyepiece to the place the holder snapped off, 2) buy a new diagonal AND eyepiece or do I need to buy a new telescope altogether?! Thanks in advance.

You can certainly buy both eyepiece(s) and a diagonal, but you may find the price rather high compared with the value of the telescope. You probably don't actually need the diagonal- if you remove the broken one you should find that it is possible to insert an eyepiece directly in the hole it comes out of. The diagonal is useful for two things, it partially erects the image (astronomical telescopes usually display the image inverted), and it provides a more convenient viewing angle.I am assuming the the eyepiece size is 1.25 inch outside diameter- the standard for small telescopes. Some earlier scopes might require an eyepiece just under an inch in diameter. These will be much harder to find now.There is a useful website about small scopes on THIS LINK
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My telescope how do you set it up

Try the largest eyepiece you have (20mm, 25mm) for a wide field of view. Of you try to view the moon with too much power (smaller mm eyepieces) it will always come out blurry - too close for such magnification.
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Manual or Instructions to fix Telescope

Here is the manual. is a reflector style telescope the focuser is on the FRONT of the telescope, the mirror is the BOTTOM of the telescope. All astronomical telescope show upside down images. It's normal.Read my TIPS on my profile page -- especially the frequently asked questions TIP.
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