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NexStar 80 After using a dozen times i powered it up and the motor which controls the slewing etc started blowing smoke... Does it have a fuse or something i could have blown or is it going to be heaps harder to fix then i thought...

Posted by lttlbiatch on Jul 11, 2008

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my telescope, celestron nexstar 80gt is blowing smoke from motor?

After using a dozen times i powered it up and the motor which controls the slewing etc started blowing smoke... Does it have a fuse or something i could have blown or is
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NexStar 80 After using a dozen times i powered it up and the motor which controls the slewing etc started blowing smoke... Does it have a fuse or something i could have blown or is it going to be heaps harder to fix then i thought...

No, you burned out the power circuit board inside the scope base. Only Celestron can repair this, contact them here:
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I have a broken elevation spindle, the little aluminum casting that passes through the plastic driven gear and ultimately ends in 4 tapped holes that the sleeve bolts to that holds the optical tube. We tried to repair this with JB Weld Epoxy, and it held for one night, but it broke again when moving the scope. Is a replacement spindle casting available from any source? Although I am an engineer, and if money were no object, I could probably reverse engineer this part, produce a blueprint from many careful measurements, go to a foundry, and have a new one cast (or drop forged) in stainless steel, it would cost many times more than the telescope itself, and for that price I could just get a much bigger scope with a far more rugged mount. The original damage happened when the motorized mount was in a duffel bag that someone knocked off the tailgate of a pickup. It fell about 3 feet and impacted on hard rocky terrain. Visually it appeared to be undamaged until the weight of the tube was applied, then it was obvious something had broken. I have some pictures of the part and exactly where it goes if it has a different name than what I described. So i need a good part number for this part, a valid address and price and delivery information to order one from. If someone has built an aftermarket one from something like stainless steel or similar stronger material, so much the better, as it might also stiffen the scope and reduce vibration and oscillation when one bumps the eyepiece while observing.

Meade "MAY" sell you the part? Usually they want you to send the scope back. Call customer service: is also a problem on the ETX model scopes. There are some ingenious fixes posted on the Mighty ETX web site.Here: Bassically bolts, washers and nuts.Search the web site for Broken DEC knob.
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How to remove the corrector lens of a Nexstar 4

I would not try to remove the corrector plate-- the manual states to return the scope to Celestron if the inside of the corrector needs cleaning.If removed the corrector has to be replaced in the EXACT position it was in before you took it apart-- the alignment between the front corrector plate and the rear mirror and the secondary mirror was done on an optical bench at the factory. I doubt that will you notice or be able to see the small stain while you are observing--
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I cant see anything. I don't see a hole for a battery am I missing something? I have a telescope with three cylinders attached and all three have eyepieces that I could look through. One of the cylinders has a rotating knob that makes the eyepiece go in and out, the cylinder sais "coated objects" dia =76mm and f=800mm, and right where I put my eye it sais f=4. I looked through all the holes while moving the movable eyepiece and still could see nothing.

Take the scope oput during the day tiome. DO NOT opoint it at the sun. Point it at a distant object like a telephone polem or a building. Look through the eyepiece with the largest NUMBER written on it-- and or the largest glass surface.Turn the knob until the object comes into focus.Read my tips on my profile page.
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I have been given a second hand meade 4501 with a electronic drive motor attached ,when trying to get the telescope to move either to left or right the control pad seems to stick and will only move one way, though if I unplug motor from transformer then plug in it seem to go either way for a moment or so then just goes one way, the pad has only three buttons on it two arrows one for left one for right movement and one which has speed on it, though if the speed button is pressed then the motor will go the other way but very slowly could you please tell me if I am doing something wrong or tell me a solution to this please

Your RA motor is defective and or the gear is not engaging the drive axis.
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The focuser on my Meade DS-70 telescope is broken, the problem is the rack part of the rack and pinion is missing several teeth in two sections. The rack appears to be part of the inner tube, so replacing the rack does not appear to be possible. One fix I was thinking of was a typical bar/pipe clamp except there are a 2nd and 3rd set of clamps in place where the pads would normally go. I could then clamp the 2nd & 3rd clamps to the inner & outer tube and then use the main clamp to adjust focus. However I can't seem to find anything like this online.

You can return this to Maede for repairs-- or they might sell you the parts.Call them here:
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4.5 inch reflector telescope --can't see anything

Try pointing it at the moon first-- with the 20mm and practice focusing it. The moon is up just after dark right now.
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Blown fuses in meade telescope

That seems to point to a motor driver on the main board.
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I cannot get my finderscope red dot to lineup with my main scope ,its a SKP13065EQ2 .it will not lineup , i did send SKYWATCH a e-mail and that was almost 2 mths ago .i did line up the main scope like it said in the master book ,on page 11 (using the red dot finder) and i got as far as number 3 ,then it all went out the window,i could not get to number 4.i tryed to turn both the AZIMUTH and ALTITUDE to bring it in line and it will not do as it says in the book.i looked in the main to make sure it was in line with to object(it was) but the dot was not.i went to the FULL max on both and still no joy.i did find that the finder 'when you add the finder and screwin to lock it moves about 2-4 mm to the left.with this i worked out it was about 1and a half-2 inchs off.i was thinking of drilling another hole or mark it to see if i can get it to line up the right way.i do not want to spend £200 and keep looking from the back to line up the scope all the time .don't get me wrong i love the scope i got but its a pain in the *** when something will not go right. any help on this and how to fixit

Can you return the red dot finder? It's apparently broken.These can be purchased (not too very expensive)here:
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