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No image My 8 year old is trying to look threw his vivatar telelscope and we can't see anything not even if we poinr it at a street light any suggestions Mark D.

Posted by delmonteranc on Jul 27, 2008

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No image My 8 year old is trying to look threw his vivatar telelscope and we can't see anything not even if we poinr it at a street light any suggestions Mark D.

Turn the scope backwards and point the tail towards the daylight sky. My guess is you will see light. If you see a fish eye like view of the world then point the scope at a distant scene and wait until night. Sometime trying to use too much magnifation makes it hard to find and focus on night time objects. If the fish eyeview looks twisted then my guess would be a lens element has become un mounted. Most likely it will be in the eyepiece but if this is a spotting scope it could be in the image erector lens bundle. I had a Vvitar that dropped a bundle in the zoom eyepiece when the zoom was twisted too far. The little screw that held the bundle in aligment was sheared off and had to be replaced. Obtain the small screws from a camera store. Cheers, Rick
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Why can I not see the difference from the sky and a star even when I allign my laser well?

It sounds like you have not adjusted the focus properly. I recommend you take your telescope outside in the daytime and point it toward a building or tree or hilltop that is somewhat distant from you. The exact distance is not important, but it should a block or more. With the telescope pointed at the distant object, focus the telescope until the object is sharp and clear. The object might appear upside down -- that's normal for many astronomical telescopes. When you have achieved a sharp focus, leave the focus control alone until you are outside at night under the stars. The focus should now be fairly close for viewing stars and planets. Small adjustments of the focus control may still be necessary for the sharpest view. - Jeff
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Just black Hi I just recently bought a Meade ds-2114ats-tc and I tried to use it last night with the kids, unfortunaltey after we set up the telescope all we could see was black. Yes we did make sure that the lens cap was off and that there was nothing blocking anything, we also tried setting it up in a couple of different spots in the back yard where we were close to a light source and also away from a light source. Basically everything I tried did not work but I am new to this so I could be doing something wrong still. I tried to manually look at the brightest star in the sky and still nothing....just black. Could I be setting this up in an area where there in either not enough light getting in or to much? This is my first time using a telescope so I don't even really know if I should be setting this up in the complete dark area or with a light source around like a backyard light for example. I am extremely confused please help.

I just got one of these today and they are different. My guess is you are having a focusing problem rather than alignment. Assuming of course you are removing the larger dustcap and not just the smaller one ha ha ha. The instructions include how to align but maybe you can use this Mine has two dustcaps, one full size with a smaller one in its center. Had the smaller one been offset it could have been used as an aperture stop to reduce thermal effects on bright objects such as Jupiter and the Moon. Another thing is a built in barlow within the focuser draw tube. This inreases the focal ratio of "f" number and makes align far more trickier than if it had been a straight Newtonian. Set-up the scope under and point at the bright blue sky in the day time. Pull off the small center dust cover and make sure the diagonal holder is centered under the small hole in the larger dust cover. If not that can be accomplished by adjusting the three thumb nuts on the front edge of the tube. Once this is done remove the larger dust cover and peer into the focuser from the side with the eyepiece removed. You should see blue sky and all the components should be centered. One can judge fairly well that their eye is centered but a simple trick is to draw an eyepiece sized circle on a piece of paper and using a pick or pencil, poke a small hole dead center on the circle. Place the circle centered over the draw tube and peer through that. No other tool will improve on the accuracy of this almost free and simple one. Now moving your eye closer to the focuser you should see the reflection of your own eye or in this case the hole in the center of the paper. The paper reflects and transmits enough light that it provides a bright enough targert to canter. Now you must experiment to determine which component is mis-alighned and what adjustment is required to correct. Try flexing each componet before loosening any adjustment screws.This will give you an idea of which component and in which manner it needs to move. Now my guess is, while you have some mis-alignment the almost f:9 focal ratio makes the image extra dark and so contrasty that if you are out of focus all you will see is dark. With your 28mm eyepiece, now point the scope at a daylight scene some distance away and bring the image to a focus. Note hoe far your draw tube is extended so you will be in that neighbohood come night time. I suspect this was your problem more than mis-alignment.
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Bushnell 78-9003 telescope No light coming through

The end with the focus knob should be pointed UP, the mirror is on the BOTTOM of the scope. Turn it around and make it look like the picture in your question. Remove the cover, put the eyepiece with the largest number written on it into the focuser. DO NOT use the 2x barlow if you have one.Now you should be able to practice focusing during the day time on a distant object.Reflectors may also need to be collimated. Watch this video: my TIPS on my profile page.
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ETX-125 Autostar controller not working

My ETX 125 did this to me, here's what happened I had a 497 autostar hooked up to it and it quit working the scope stopped dead and the autostar went dead i hooked another autostar up to it and the same thing happened I took the scope apart and noticed that the wires for the upper motor run through the bolt that tightens the rotational clutch on the base, the clutch handle mechanism in the base sliced through the wiring and shorted out the 12v black wire onto the autostar data yellow wire, this sent 12v back into the autostar and fried it. both autostar circuit boards were destroyed as the short caused the custom programmed microchip to burn and blister. I am in the process of repairing mine and getting a new autostar computer. I would recommend against asking a friend to try thier autostar box on your scope for obvious reasons.
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Autostar I recently purchased a used ETX-125EC. There is only one problem. The autostar screen does not show or do anything. The batteries are installed correctly, the controller is plugged into the correct port and the power light turns on on the telescope base. There is even a faint red light from the auto star screen. Does this mean I need a new controller or is there something more dubious at work here?

Double check the cable from the Autostar to the telescope. Sometimes the ends go bad. They can be replaced with regular telephone cables.
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Just bought a Bushnell telescope 78-4501 - set it up as per the instructions. I can see objects light etc... through the object finder or view finder but I see nothing through the telescope not even light.; Is this a defect ??

This is not a real telescope, it is a toy. You will be lucky to see anything with the 20mm lens only. the rest are junk. The telescope needs to be collimated (see your manual) and the finder aligned with the telescope. Align the finder with the scope during the day, although this model was known for poor mounting on the finderscope and will become un-aligned easily.
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I was just given a telescope and the only markings are "Polaris by Meade". I believe the telescope is an equatorial, but I am a biologist and not an astronomer. The dimensions of telescope are 33" long with an O.D. of 5 1/2". How do I identify the model? When I was given the telescope, it did not have a manual or any viewing lens. I would like to obtain a manual and viewing lens, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

It's a Meade 114EQ-D that is the model--- a reflector style telescope on an Equatorial mount.You can find a manual on the Meade web site here: under the 4.5 inch REFLECTOR Heading.
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I just purchased a northstar, goto telescope, model 78-8876. I purchased it second hand. When I try to turn on the power on, I have to keep the power button pressed down to have power, I let go, the power go's out. But even while I have the button pressed, I can't get the telescope to respond, or move. The remote will be lit up, and I can go through the set up, but its as if the telescope itself doesn't get power. Keeping in mind, I'm doing this with the power button manually pressed in all the time. I do have a new energizer battery in the unit..... Any suggestions? Thanks.....

Obviously either your hand controller is broken and or a circuit inside the scope.Here is Bushnell's repair web site:
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