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Double image I see double images when in focus

Posted by Kirk Brown on Aug 03, 2007

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When you open your eyes and see a single, clear image, ... When you see double, ... Its main job is to focus light. If your double vision goes away when you cover ...
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I see a double image in some or all parts of the projected image

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Double vision can occur in one or both eyes, ... helping to focus the light coming into the eye. ... single image. This results in you seeing double images.
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Double image I see double images when in focus

The distance between the centers of the eyepieces of your binocular must be the same as the distance between your pupils. This distance is adjusted as follows: 1. Focus on a distant object. 2. Pivot the two halves of your binocular farther or closer apart until you can see a single unobstructed, circular field of view. Make sure to focus on a distant object when you do this because when you focus on a close object you always see two slightly overlapping circular fields. Your binocular may have a scale on the top, between the eyepieces, to help you remember this setting.
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My Swift Ultralite 8x42 binoculars may be out of alignment. When I focus on a distant hawk or duck, I find myself closing one eye, because otherwise I see double images. They were bought in 1993. I do wear bifocals while using them. I would like to have them repaired if possible. Cynthia Powers from Indiana

You have asked about the most common binocular problem: double imaging. As you clearly know how to correctly operate and adjust the eyepieces there are two very common causes as detailed below.Your binoculars either have a bent or broken yoke assembly (the bit which carries the eyepieces) or one or more prisms have came unseated.The first repair involves replacing the entire yoke assembly: the part is expensive in comparison to the retail cost of a new pair of binoculars and with labour charges on top is not usually a cost-effective repair except on higher end expensive models such as your Swift Ultralite 8x42's. Note that if bent or broken then repairing the part is not feasible: if broken the area to be glued is too small to carry the loads afterwards, and has usually bent before breaking anyway, so you just end up with a bent yoke which cannot be straightened. If merely bent, then the yoke is difficult to accurately straighten and the bending causes fatigue cracks which will eventually break.The second repair is straightforward and fairly quick for anyone with the right collimation equipment, but the screw(s) need to be secured with thread-locking liquid afterwards.Both of these causes are caused by dropping or mishandling the binoculars, so the Swift warranty will not apply. For details of where to get your Swift binoculars repaired, contact the manufacturer directly on 877 MYSWIFT or 877 697 9438.I hope you manage to use this information to fix your binoculars or at least that it assists you to choose your next course of action. If my answer does not fully address your needs please let me know by adding a follow up comment and I shall endeavour to provide further assistance.
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I am seeing a double image whel I look through my binocular.

Hi,Most binoculars should allow you to grip the two sides and pull them closer together to fit the distance between your eyes.. Have you tried this?What you should see is the two images come together to form one.If you have tried this already and you still get the two images then it's possible the model is just too wide for your eyes.. If they're new you could try return them for another type that fit better..If this works for you then here are the instructions for setting up the binoculars to give you the best result for your eyesight..This is more common than you would think.. Here's how to set up a pair of binoculars to suit yourself.Any good binocular will be able to do this and the reason is to allow you to adjust them for the difference in strenght between your two eyes. I wear glasses myself and sometimes contact lenses so it's good to be able to quickly adjust them.1. turn the binoculars over so you are looking at the underside.2. on the eyepieces can you see on one eye(usually the right eye) a little plus - minus marking. The eyepiece should be able to rotate a little to each side of this marking.3. Set the rotating eyepiece to the middle setting.4. Look through the binoculars as normal and bring the two sides together until you form the two circles that you see into one.5. Pick an object app 10 meters away.6 Presuming that the adjustable eyepiece is on the right hand side then close your right eye, look at the middle distance object you chose with your left eye and use the central focusing knob/wheel in the middle to bring your left eyepiece into focus.7. Now, close your left eye and adjust the rotating right hand eyepiece while looking at the same object until your right eyepiece is in focus.8. The binoculars should now be set for the differences in strenght of your eyes and you can use the middle focus control as normal.Most binoculars have a soft rubber eyepiece that can be folded back for people who wear glasses but I, like most people I know who wear glasses, find it horribly uncomfortable.This method allows you to set them for yourself and if someone else uses your binoculars you can quickly reset them for you.Hope this helps...- Oh yeah, sorry, forgot to mention.. This set up is so you can use them without wearing your glasses.. Much more comfortable!!
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Double Vision Hi I have an Oberwerk 12 x 36 x 70 Zoom binoculars, fully muli coated. They have just recently developed double vision : I see the viewed image twice over. This happens even though the lenses are fully centred. This problem disappears whenever I close either eye. Any suggested solutions much appreciated. Kieran

Your glasses have had a hard drop or jar- they are out of colluminatiom send them to Deusch Optics in Nevada
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I am suddenly seeing double images theough my binoculars.

Up close to the eyepieces around the barrels are small screws that you can use to "collaminate" your binocs. The screws aren't meant to be accessed by the owner and most manufacturers cover them up with the material that surrounds the binocs. Of course the binocs in their current state are useless anyhow, so I wouldn't hesitate to peel up the material to look for the screws. If you do it carefully, you can reseat the material anyhow. Then once you locate the small screws, put the binocs on a stand or a table outside. Focus on something far away using one eye. Then using both eyes, you adjust the screw on the other eyepiece while looking through the binocs. Adjust until you get a single image. You can use loctite, or nail polish to "glue" the screw in the final position if it is really loose.
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We gave our son a pair of Bushnell Binoculars, and we are having difficulty getting a good image. We have carefully followed the instructions with no luck. The problem is that we are getting a double image, and the only way to avoid this is to make the interpupillary distance so small that you can't see through with both eyes.

The binoculars need collimation. The two sides are supposed to be parallel, if they are not you see two heads on horses, two footballs, two baseball bats etc. Check the binoculars for any external signs of damage. Are the front housings sitting properly in the body, is one of them not straight? If there is no obvious signs then you will need to take them to someone who can rebuild them for you. Usually the place where you bought them should be able to help you with a repair centre.
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My center focus binocular gives a double image that is out of alignment when looking at objects. How can this be fixed?

They are out of collimation, probably because one of the prisms has shifted a bit. This is usually caused by them taking a knock. Fixing them, if it can be done at all, is a skilled job, and Tascos are replaceable for less than the cost of repair, unless you can get it done under warranty (they would probably just send you new ones).
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How to get my single image back?

Although It may not appear to have prisms because of the sleek barrels, they do infact have roof prisms in them. Most likely one of the prisms is out of position. Bushnell typically has a great warranty so contacting them to have them repair it would be my recommendation. Here is there service group link: Bushnell Repair Services. If you need additional guidance do not hesitate to contact the folks at RCS Optics
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