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Cannot see anything.

Just got a 78-8831 and set it up according to instructions.  After inserting lens into eyepiece, I can't see anything at all.  Dont worry, I've removed the front cap from the the main telescope. Something leads to believe I'm either missing something real fundamental or my telescope is broken.  Please help

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Cannot see anything.

In addition.... you can download the complete manual immediately here : cheers
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Cannot see anything.

Start by adjusting the focus draw tube all the way in, then back a little bit. In the day time indoors, remove the lens from the draw tube. Look into to the draw tube. You should be able to see your eye centered in the mirror. If you cannot see your eye at all, either the primary is tipped drastically or the secondary mirror is way out of adjustment. In that event I would return this scope to where you got it.
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Cannot see anything out of main telescope

Do NOT use the barlow lens-- put the lowest magnification eyepiece into the scope-- practice focusing on the moon -- turn the focus knob slowly in and out until you get a sharp image.Telescopes only show an area of sky about 1 degree wide or LESS--- this is about the size of the TIP of your finger held at arms length................ your scope is best used at low magnification.
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No instuction manual

I have the instructions and Owner's manual for the NG76AZDCA; do you still need this?
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(1607225) Telescope: i cannot see anything...

Put the eyepiece with the largest number written on it into the telescope. DO NOT USE the 2x barlow if you have one. Go outside during the daytime and practice focusing on a distant land object.
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Viewing we cannot view the planets or stars. the moon comes in great, but anything else looks identical which is a white circle with a black center and 3 black lines goinging through it in the shape of a peace sign, help please, I have contacted the 800 number for the product, they have no idea. my telescope is not on your list. it is northstar goto model 78-8831 76mm reflector.

Take it back where you got it for replacement
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I cannot see anything and what is the finder scope on top for?

New telescope users are taken by surprise at the difficulty of just pointing the telescope in the right direction to see anything. The field of view is quite limited, especially if you are using a high power eyepiece. The higher the power of eyepiece on a telescope, the dimmer the image, the more difficult to aim it at any chosen object, and the more difficult to focus. When the scope is not focussed, even if there are stars in the field of view, they will only be faint blurs.It is best when you are starting out with a telescope to try it with the least powerful eyepiece (the one with the highest number) to begin with, until you become more familiar with how it works. Do NOT use the Barlow lens if one came with the scope.The finder scope is meant to help you get the main scope lined up on the object you want to view, but it won't be any use in pointing the telescope until you adjust it to precisely line up with the main scope. Telescope manuals recommend that you do this in daylight, by pointing the scope at an object on the horizon and adjusting the finder to match (never point a telescope toward the Sun!). Once you have a tree or mountain peak in the center of the main scope's image, you can then adjust the screws around the finder scope to get the crosshairs (or red dot) centered on the same object. It is very difficult to do this job in the dark, especially as objects in the sky are constantly on the move. You will find that there is a very wide range of movement in the focus mechanism, because different eyepieces focus at different points, but the actual focus range for any eyepiece will be a small part of the overall range afforded by the focusing mount. It is much easier to familiarise yourself with this in daylight.At this point you will learn that astronomical telescopes usually show an upside down image. There is a good reason for this- erecting the image needs more bits of glass in the light path, which reduces the amount of light and increases aberrations. Even if this is only slight, astronomers prefer to avoid it, and they don't really care which way up the Moon or Jupiter appear. It is possible to fit an erecting prism or eyepiece to most astronomical telescopes, and some of them come with one, but one wouldn't bother to do this with the small finder scope.Once you have done the above, you can try the scope at night, on an easy to find bright object like the Moon. Looking at random stars will probably be disappointing, as they don't look different under magnification. You will have to find planets, star clusters or nebula to see anything interesting. You will also find the the object you are looking at swims out of the viewing field, and you must continually move the scope to follow it. This will be more pronounced at higher magnifications. Again, use the least powerful eyepiece. Small scopes are often advertised as having unrealistic powers (300, 500) which can never be practically achieved. You just get dim blurs.There is an excellent website for beginner telescope users at THIS LINK
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Tasco telescope[46-114500]cannot see anything through lens.bought

THE protective cover is the FRONT of the telescope!!!The focuser is on the front like the picture above. TURN the scope around -- you have it pointing at the ground right now!Read my TIPS on my profile page. And read this and look at the pictures:
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We have our telescope set up but cannot see anything out of the lenses. we have tried all different lenses but without success. Currently there is one star we can see with our naked eye. We cannot see it through our telescope. thanks the osborne family.

If you look at the PICTURE in your qusetion FIXYA has the scope POINTED at the ground! :)You have a reflector style telescope. The mirror is the bottom of the scope, and the focuser is on the UP end of the tube pointed UP. Many beginners mount these scopes UPSIDE DOWN with the focuser on the bottom instead of the top (side) of the tube.Put the eyepiece with the largest number written on it into the focuser. DO NOT use the 2x barlow if you have one. Take the scope outside during the day time and practice focusing on a distant object. You must also line-up the small finder scope on top with the main tube. POINT the scope at the top of a distant telephone pole. Without moving the main tube, adjust the cross-hairs on the finder scope so they point at the same spot as the main tube.Read my TIPS on my profile page.
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Go on google
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