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Lost parts my mother purchased this telescope for me at a yard sale but it was missing the penta mirror and the eyepeice i was wondering where i could get a replacement at for it? its the bushne;; 565*60 refactor telescope model number: 78-9565

Posted by cass28 on Nov 05, 2007

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Sotfware "Autostar" support (With Telescop LX200ACF)

The objects are updated using the Autostar Suite software ver.5.5 on the Meade web site (free).Here-
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2 questions concerning Meade LXD55 astronomical telescope. Meade apparently no longer supports this instrument and I have been unable to find the answers to these questions. #1: The central screw holding the secondary miror passes through a compression spring which seems to me to be a bit short (abt. 1 cm). What is the specified size of the of this spring? #2: The reticle in the Polar Alignment Viewfinder is usable but broken. Is it posible to replace the reticle or must I replace the entire viewfinder.

Doubtful you will find just a reticle- for the polar finder. However you may be able to buy a complete polar alignment scope-- new-- or used on place o find out about that spring is on the Yahoo Group LXD55 tech group-- Post your question there as they have specific knowledge about that mount. And also look at this special LXD55 web site for many tech tips. skies to you-
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I am looking for Galileo cc-2 replacement parts. I have no idea what any of these parts are because I know nothing about telescopes. There is no lens in the eyepiece, so I need to replace whatever is needed.The only numbers I can find are the cc-2 model number along with 700mm focal length and 60mm objective. If any one has an idea on where to get some help on this I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks for your time, Joe

Contact Galileo scopes directly HERE:
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Cannot focus a Meade Refractor "Electronic Digital" series

All of Meade's manuals are listed here-- it outside during the day time-- put the eyepiece with the LARGEST number written on it into the telescope--- this is the LOWEST magnification.Point it at a distant object and practice focusing-- the moon should be your first night time object.
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Missing Manual I'm looking for the manual to a telescope my husband has had for a while now (the manual has, of course, fallen to the wayside). It's a Tasco Galaxsee 525x (also called a model 46040525). Tasco's website does not have this model listed under their support section and when I called their 1-800 number, the representative also didn't find the manual. Any ideas? Thank you! Cassie

You won't find a manual for this small telescope-- put the lowest magnification eyepiece (the one with the largest number written on it)-- into the telescope. Take it outside during the daytime and practice focusing it on a distant object -- by turning the focusing knobs slowly in and out.
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Model # F=5MM Model# F=10MM I received this telescope as a gift , the lens that are interchangeable were cracked after I opened the gift , if possible could I get these replaced . If possible can you send me a 1 800 number to reach a agent who can further assist me with this matter . Thank you very much . Gene Ballard

Http:// Go here for help and contact info.
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My LX200 (1992 vintage) has apparantly suffered complete electronic failure. Having blown both the line fuse and the slow blow behind the power panel, I started trouble shooting and found: The ribon male connector on the power plate has a short between terminal 1 (18v line) and terminal 2 (12v line) somewhere on the back of the connector hidden from view. In addition the said 12v line is down to earth, either through the caps C1 and C2 or the plugs for Rs232 or the key pad. To locate these faults I had disconnected C4 , R1, D2, the 5V regulator and even cut the pc board tracks in a few places. With apparantly several faults on this pcb I assumed the main pcb could be faulty as well. Then I decided to stop further troubleshooting My question is what can be done. Is it possible to replace all the electronics? The scope has seen very little use, but may have suffered electronic failure due to extended expsure to slight humidity. The pcb appear in perfect condition though, ie shiny and no signs of track faulting. I hope this helps to describe my distress adequately. I hope there is a way out because manual guiding is not on for me.

Ron Sampson can repair the electronics in Meade telescopes. You only need to send him the boards with your detailed description of what you believe is burned out.He can be reached by posting a message on the Yahoo LX200 and or LX90 Group forums. Also Dr.Clay in Arkansas can repair the scope along with Meade (possible if they have new boards) -- Dr. Clay can be reached here:
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Most problems tend to be mechanical. Have you 'trained' the drive and set the backlash values? Those 2 can have dramatic effects on pointing accuracy. Also, if the optical tube is not in alignment with the mount, then nothing will work correctly. To check that, have the telescope in Alt-Az configuration, inside the house, loosen the RA lock, and shine a laser pointer on the corrector plate. as the telescope is rotated about the RA, the reflected spot should be steady. Adjust the DEC to minimize the diameter of the circle that is drawn. What is left, is the out-of-true on the DEC axis. That can be adjusted with the tube cradle alignment bolts.
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Need replacement parts for astrolon reflector 525X telescope. 1 Yoke Lockig Knob (missing) 1 screw on the yoke which is to hold the "Fine adjustable altitude control" lever. and might need to replace the Focus knob within the Focusing tube.

They do not sell parts for these low cost telescopes. However you might find what you need inn the bolt and nut section of a well stocked hardware store.This brand is sold by Toys R Us--
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